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Assortment of wood working tools like chisel, hacking tools

“Life is too short for boring furniture”

Studies have shown that a stranger can make an accurate character assessment of you by looking at your room, more accurate than what your closest friends are capable of. Ultimately, your living space is a manifestation of your beliefs, thoughts and ideals. They tell your story.

At Grey and Sanders, we strongly reject boring furniture. Everyone deserves to own a piece of furniture that tells a story – told through its materials, craftsmanship and your participation.

2 pieces of raw untreated wood slab

story through

We work with natural media as we believe that its beauty resonates with something innate in every human being. From the freckles and scarifications in full grain leather, to the sinuous ripples and gnarly knots in wood grains, these traces reveal the origins of materials used to bring your statement piece to life.

story through


Each and every table at Grey and Sanders are made by our own proud craftsmen. As makers ourselves, we have a deep understanding of each and every process taken to craft the furniture, from complex joinery, wood bending, to the type of finishes used to create the final masterpiece.

Grey and Sanders Sales gallery in Singapore
Grey and Sanders Sales gallery in Singapore

story through

We believe that furniture owners should be fully-engaged in the purchase. From choosing the exact piece of wood to make the table of your dreams, to choosing the leather to upholster your Japanese-quality sofa, to understanding how the furniture is sustainable, we promise a fulfilling and edifying experience for all our customers. Knowing how a final artwork came to be deepens one appreciation of it.


We advocate sustainability through selling high quality furniture that lasts. We also ensure that the materials and finishes we use are sustainable and non-polluting. As a finishing touch, we recommend products that age well – old does not equals shabby.