1. What makes furniture child-friendly?

    What makes furniture child-friendly?

    Only after becoming parents do we start to realise the hazards that the environment presents to our children. As your child is expected to spend most of his/her formative years in your home, it is important that you know what kind of features make furniture child-friendly.

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  2. The 2020 Ultimate Guide to Wooden Furniture

    The 2020 Ultimate Guide to Wooden Furniture

    Wooden furniture can be made of many type of wooden materials, be it solid wood, Medium Density Board (MDF), plywood and particleboard. And then there are also terms like "veneer" and "laminate". But what does all these materials mean? This condensed guide will clear all your doubts and chart you on your way towards being a savvy furniture shopper, maybe even onwards to become a wood guru.

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