1. The Dark Beauty - Shou Sugi Ban

    The Dark Beauty - Shou Sugi Ban

    Say hi to our newest addition to our Grey and Sanders family, the Shou Sugi Ban oak wood. Like any new member, an introduction is needed and we are here to help you get to know it more.

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  2. The Ultimate 2021 Leather Sofa Guide


    The Ultimate 2021 Leather Sofa Guide

    You might have heard of terms like "genuine leather", "top grain" and "full grain", which refer to leathers obtained from different parts of animal hide. You might have also heard of the terms "full aniline" and "semi-aniline", which refer to the dyeing process. A combination of these factors broadly constitutes leather quality. This guide serves to explain what these terms actually mean, for you to make a more informed purchase decision (and no, the average salesman does not know).

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  3. The 2020 Ultimate Guide to Wooden Furniture

    The 2020 Ultimate Guide to Wooden Furniture

    Wooden furniture can be made of many type of wooden materials, be it solid wood, Medium Density Board (MDF), plywood and particleboard. And then there are also terms like "veneer" and "laminate". But what does all these materials mean? This condensed guide will clear all your doubts and chart you on your way towards being a savvy furniture shopper, maybe even onwards to become a wood guru.

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  4. The One-Stop Guide to Materials for Table Tops

    A table is likely one of the most frequently used furniture in your house – whether for preparing or having your meals, getting some work done, or just a convenient surface to hold the trinkets of daily life. That is why it pays to get the right material to balance design and durability. This article summarises the pros and cons of commonly-used materials for table tops.

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  5. Why we Use Rubio Monocoat For Our Table Tops

    Wooden table tops need to have a layer of protective coating (also known as finish), to one protect them against water and stains and two to bring out the beauty of the grains. The tabletops at Grey and Sanders are finished with Rubio Monocoat, a Belgian hard wax oil. Since we started operations four years ago, we have experimented with various ways to finish our tabletops, and after many experiments, and after many lessons learnt (some more painful than others), we conclude that it is the best product in the market for wood slab table tops. This article lists the reasons why we love this product.

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  6. The Ultimate Guide to Wood Slabs - Part II

    The Ultimate Guide to Wood Slabs - Part II

    Welcome back to Part II of this two-part series - “The Ultimate Guide To Wood Slabs”. In Part I, we covered the various styles of wood slabs. In this sequel, we will elaborate on the characteristics of various solid wood materials, and what makes these wood species a must-have in your home!

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  7. The Ultimate Guide to Wood Slabs - Part I

    The Ultimate Guide to Wood Slabs - Part I

    Once considered a niche furniture category, wood slabs are getting increasingly popular due to their stunning natural beauty and one-of-a-kind appeal. This article aims to inform readers of the common forms of wood slabs in the market and their pros and cons.

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  8. All You Need To Know About Teak (Updated 2021)

    All You Need To Know About Teak (Updated 2021)

    All You Need To Know About Teak
 (Updated 2021)

    In the past weeks, we have highlighted many wood slabs that would be a great choice for a solid wood dining table. This includes wood types such as the eye-catching Purple Heart, the majestic African Sapele and many more. However, this deep dive into wood slabs would not be complete if we did not shine the spotlight on the most famous wood slab of them all - Teak.

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  9. Grey (and Sander)’s Anatomy of a Quality Sofa

    Grey (and Sander)’s Anatomy of a Quality Sofa

    Not too sure what to look out for when shopping for a sofa? Read on to find out more about the key components of the sofa to get the perfect one for you to usher in the new year!

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  10. The many trees of Christmas

    The many trees of Christmas

    With Christmas now over and decorations still up, have you ever looked at your Christmas tree and wonder what type of tree is a Christmas tree actually? Also, can you make something out of the tree once Christmas is over? Well firstly, there are 4 main types of Christmas trees. There are Fir, Pine, Cypress, and Cedar trees. Now let’s find out more about them!

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