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26 Ideas for Small Singapore Apartments

Over 90% of Singaporean dwellers live in apartments, each comes with its own set of challenges like small space, poor lighting and odd layout. But who said great style and small spaces cannot go together?

Small space and unconventional layout should not be a limitation when it comes to your interior - you just need to be creative and smart with your furniture shopping! There are many ways to create a functional and cozy space without breaking the bank.

Designing and furnishing an apartment is about striking the right balance between functionality and style. Here are some tips to get you started:


When space is limited, we need to replace traditional furniture that works well in one setting with smart furniture that are flexible and adaptable.

Grey & Sanders has a wide range of furniture that fits that requirement like our Preston c-shape end table that can serve as a coffee table, bedside table or end table.

Another good example would be the clever use of our Mila open shelves as a freestanding storage / a divider for privacy.


Mirrors are great for making small spaces look larger and brighter. They help to bounce the light around the room and make it look brighter, so be sure to use them in places where they can reflect sunlight.

You can also play with the placement of the mirrors in your place to make it look more interesting. For instance, group three or four small mirrors on a single wall to create an accent wall.


The more we live with and around our possessions, the harder it is to part with them. Having furniture with ample storage allows you to hide them from view, and avoid a cluttered apartment. A long TV console , for example, does not just add character to your living space. It also gives you extra storage to stow things away!


Not all things have to be hidden from sight! Books and other paraphernalia are also great decorative elements that give character to a room. More importantly, these are the elements that show who you are. Open shelving is a great way to add storage and a decorative touch to any space. Whether it’s a corner of a room or an entire wall, our Mila Open Concept Wardrobe offers a versatile and aesthetically appealing way to add storage to a room.


Narrow spaces are tricky to decorate, but there are tricks that you can use to make the most of that space. Firstly, use every square inch possible by grouping furniture and decor to maximize the total square footage of your living space.

Another creative way our clients used to overcome this is by using our benches as coffee tables! They offer the function of a coffee table while staying narrow enough not to clutter the space. They can also be used to complement existing dining set to provide extra seating when hosting guests (see #1)


Turn an otherwise ‘less useful’ alcove into a functional workspace with open shelves and a table. The key here is to use the ‘color blocking’ technique to define and highlight a particular space. The Avery adjustable height desk is perfect for such an alcove, and comes in different sizes to fit the alcove perfectly!


One of the best things you can do to a small apartment would be to paint the walls white. White reflects light and helps to create open space in a room, so to make a small room feel bigger, go for a base color of white before furnishing things in a lighter cream, earthy, or off-white color to help contrast the design.


Giving a certain room the ability to serve multiple functions at any given time saves space!

Take the little corner apartment pictured above. With a home office setup right behind their couch, it effectively reduces the transit distance between work & home by an additional 11 steps.


Go for visually unimposing elements such as thin frames and transparent furniture.

The thinner your furniture frame is, the less visually imposing it is. A half-inch to full-inch off can make all the difference. Furniture with a thin base or frames afford it a floating visual effect.

In Grey and Sander's online furniture store, you'll find an extensive range of furniture pieces with stylish designs that have thin frames, the Cubus coffee table set is one of them, and it exemplifies this effect. As an added bonus, the tables can be nested to occupy a smaller footprint when not required!

Continuing along the theme of using thin frames to defy the law of space, we can up the ante and defy gravity with acrylic or glass furniture. Through their transparency, they add functionality, depth and dimension to any space, without stealing the limelight from the surrounding decor. The Grey and Sanders’s acrylic dining table base option achieves this exact effect.

Bonus: you also no longer need to look under the coffee table to hunt for that Netflix remote control!


The selection of furniture for smaller spaces can be daunting and overwhelming. Sometimes, the only way to make a small space feel comfortable and welcoming is through large pieces of furniture.

Strategically placed large pieces of stylish furniture can achieve cosy and intimate vibes. On a related note, a large rug can make a small space feel much bigger than it actually is by filling up open spaces, making them feel more lived in.


Many new apartments come with large balconies. Why waste a balcony with a good view? You could seal the balcony with motorized blinds, and use it as a dining space or study!


One of the biggest mistakes we see in our living rooms is the corridor effect. It occurs when you have a long wall and the furniture is lined up against it. The problem is that as your eye travels down that space, there’s nowhere for it to rest.

But an L-shaped sofa can help to remove that corridor effect. Place it where you want to break up the space and give it some definition. So if you're looking for a new sofa for your longish living room, make sure to ask for the L-shaped variant, so you can make the most of your space. Our Portage and Milton sofas come in configurable L-shape versions, with low and sleek profiles - a sure way to elevate your living space!


Having your walls and skirting in the same colour is a quick way to make a small room feel larger. Different colored walls and skirting creates a separation by a horizontal section, shortening the height of a room.


Using curtains to add height to any room is one of the most commonly used techniques in an Interior Designer's Handbook. Hanging them all the way at the top, and draping them down all the way to the floor creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.

This apartment accomplished its airy Scandinavian charm with a beautiful floor-to-ceiling translucent white drapes. The room seems much more spacious than it actually is.


If you have high ceilings, don't waste them. Think vertically. An incredibly useful decorating tool is high shelves that can create an illusion of a bigger home.


Lighting is everything when it comes to small spaces. If you don’t have any natural light, you can use other elements to make your space look larger and more interesting.

Consider using more than 1 type of lighting element to create a light layering effect on the space. When done right, it will create depth, and make the living area look larger. Lighting elements such as wall lamps, table lamps, or designer floor lamps are great options.


When styling a small space, professional designers will use a couple of statement furniture (not necessarily designer furniture) and some unique home accessories to draw the eye away from its dimensions.

That could mean an over-sized rug, a plush sofa upholstered in a fabulously colorful fabric or a few attention-grabbing decor items. After choosing the statement pieces to anchor the room and make a bold statement, you’ll want to keep the rest of the room relatively clutter free to sell the effect.


If you’re working with a small space, you can use prints to create the illusion of a larger room. Geometric prints in larger formats create an optical illusion of space. Your brain sees the patterns and thinks that there’s more distance between the walls. And a linear arrangement of picture frames helps sell the illusion.


According Chinese philosophy, five primary elements make up all things: Metal(金), Wood(木), Water(水), Fire(火), and Earth(土). This philosophy describes the generative and constructive properties of each element. For example, water overcomes fire, while fire creates earth.

Our theory behind why a wood slab dining table is an aesthetic addition to any place is because comprised typically of the first two primary elements (Metal and Wood). The metal element “overcomes” the wood element, which “separates” the earth. It is not only a statement piece, but brings harmony to your space.


Love plants, but don't have any room for them in your home? Consider indoor hanging plants!

Hanging plants can be a great way to save space while still enjoying the benefits of bringing greenery into your home without taking up precious space. Simply hang a few potted plants from the ceiling to create a vertical garden that will brighten up your space. But be sure to water your plants every day.


floating shelves in small apartment singapore

Floating shelves are one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on a small space. They’re perfect for small rooms because they can hold a lot of things on a wall or in alcoves. You can suspend shelves above the area and fill them with books, plants, and other decorative objects.

They are so great for small rooms, as they don’t take up any floor space. Be sure to go for the floor-to-ceiling shelves that make use of every inch of spare space.

Floating shelves are easy to install. You don’t need tools or professional help to get them up on your walls. The only thing you need are a few shelves, screws, wall-plugs and a drill.


When you have guests over, make sure you have an extra seat or two for that occasional extra headcount.

Small stools are an inexpensive sofa alternative that will allow you to seat more people but without having to invest in extra living room furniture that you'll only use occasionally.

These stools are also great for the kids to sit on when they’re watching TV or playing video games.


If you need to add seating space in a really tiny and oddly shaped room, try using an Armchair. Our Gaia Armchair is the comfiest armchair we could find. Come try it for yourself!


If you’re in the market for a coffee table but don’t have a lot of space, then consider an ottoman or a pouf instead. Ottomans can be used as a coffee table, side tables, footrest or simply extra seating. They are also very versatile in terms of placement in any space.

Place a beautiful tray on an ottoman, and it's instantly transformed into a make-shift coffee table. Great place for your afternoon tea or TV remote. or you can even use them to put your feet up if you’re feeling tired.


crates in the wall as decor

If you're working with limited space, and find it hard to decorate. It's time to apply the same ‘vertical storage’ principle here, and consider decorating vertically too. When you're decorating vertically, the sky's the limit.

The use of wood crates or baskets is perfect for creating storage space, and making them beautiful at the same time.


In this colorful living room, you’ll be surrounded by accessories and furnishings that are unique to you. The many colors, textures, and decorations will dazzle your guest and distract them from the dimension of the space.

"Ultimately, designing your home doesn't have to be scary. Just have fun with our tips and add your own personal touch to it!

Should you need any help, our friendly team at Grey & Sander’s are always ready to help!.

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