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4 Must Know Tips When Getting A Sofa

4 Must Know Tips When Getting A Sofa

Buying a sofa can often be a little stressful for homeowners.

You have to think about material, size, color scheme and it is just a lot of work! But not to worry, Grey & Sanders has got your back. Here are four essential things you need to watch out for when buying a sofa.

1. Sofa Material

Firstly, it's good to know what sofa material would match your style. Do you want the sleek classy look of a leather sofa? Or the warm and homely vibe that comes with a fabric sofa?

More importantly, think about what would work best for your lifestyle too! For instance, if you have young kids around, having a leather sofa would be easier to maintain in the event of a sippy cup spillage! Though different leathers have different resistance to spillages, they are generally easier to maintain than other sofa materials.

But if you're on a budget or looking for something that gives a soft and warm vibe, a fabric sofa would be ideal. There are even scratch-resistant fabric sofas that would be great for pet owners who don't want their furniture to be ravaged by their furry friends!

Ultimately, the choice of fabric over leather could be one that boils down to personal preference when you run your hand over the material itself.


2. Understanding the Anatomy of your Sofa

Once you've thought about the material of your sofa, it's good to find out more about what goes inside it. On this you can read more about it here, where we break down what goes into the making of sofas.

If you like to be cradled when you're lazing on your sofa, go for one that has soft feather top cushions. Or if firmness is the name of the game, then try sofas with high-density foam cushions and steel frames. As a norm, check out what you are paying for by asking the salesperson about the materials that are used to construct a sofa. If a sofa retailer is not able to rationalise their material choices, chances are you might not be paying for what it is worth.

3. Does Size Matter?

In the case of sofas, it absolutely matters! Get an extremely large sofa, and your small apartment will look cramped. On the other hand, a really small one in a large living space can make your home look a little bare.


So how then should you go about deciding which sofa size is best for you? Here are some quick tips!


  • Measure your potential sofa space before heading down
  • Consider what else will be in your living room (eg. coffeetable)
  • Number of people in your household


Essentially just think about what is apt for your lifestyle needs and you'll be fine!

4. Caring For Your Sofa


You're almost ready to get your sofa! But before you make your purchase, don't forget to get some maintenance tips for it. Caring for a sofa varies widely between leather, fabric, and other materials. So do your homework and ask as many questions as you can when you're at the store!

You're All Set

You're now all set to grab that sofa of your dreams. As much as picking a sofa can be a little stressful, it can be a whole lot of fun too! At Grey & Sanders, we are all about creating a wholesome and enjoyable retail experience for homeowners. So head down to our showrooms today and we'll help you pick the perfect sofa for your home.