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Grey (and Sander)’s Anatomy of a Quality Sofa

Not too sure what to look out for when shopping for a sofa? Read on to find out more about the key components of the sofa to get the perfect one for you to usher in the new year!


The frame of your sofa is the backbone that bears the weight of its users and holds it all together. Hence, it is important to go for either hardwood or metal frames. Most sofa retailers save cost by using cheaper softwoods for the frame, and one tell-tale sign is when the sofa feels light. This greatly reduces the reliability and lifespan of the sofa.

Hardwood frames, on the other hand, are typically made from sturdy yet economical woods like Kapur to withstand heavier stresses expected of a sofa. Similarly, metal frames provide the sturdiness required, with the added versatility to be machined to make slimmer or interesting sofa designs. For this reason, it tends to be more costly. Here at Grey and Sanders, our sofas uses both wood and metal frames, backed by design considerations to give you the best quality and value.

Our very own Ellis sofas comes with a steel frame giving it a solid structure and core.


The suspension/webbings are the tendons and ligaments of the sofa, allowing it to flex to accommodate its user. Fun fact: It determines the comfort of a sofa more than the cushion itself! This is because the suspension holds the cushion and provides most of the “bounce” for the sofa.

To test if the sofa suspension is of good quality, listen for creaking and squeaking as you seat on it. Abnormal noises could mean that the suspension or webbing could be of low quality and may deteriorate quickly.

Our Portage sofas come with a band suspension making it comfy and "bouncy".


The upholstery, being the outermost layer of the sofa, experiences the most wear and tear. Therefore, it is important not to compromise quality, lest fabric frays or leather cracks make the sofa aesthetically unviable over a very short period of usage.

For example, in terms of leather upholstery, many retailers save cost by using low-grade leather that may look good in the showroom, but will most certainly start to crack or disintegrate within the first few years or even just months of usage. It is however not always possible to discern the quality. Hence we advise that you do a little research to read up on brand reviews and reputation.

Here at Grey and Sanders, we provide various types of premium-grade leathers for our different ranges of sofas. Our leather types are mainly of the Full-Grain or Top Grain Leather which comes in various colours, patterns, and countries of origin such as Italy or Germany. It is also important to understand the cause of leather cracks and the preventive maintenance required. For further information to find out which leather fits you, click here to learn more!


Most cushions are made from a combination of 2 or more types of fillings (polyester, feathers, down, and foam), which allows for the creation of various sensations to suit different users’ preferences. Some prefer a firmer seat, while others prefer to sink into a marshmallow cloud. Since comfort is subjective to individuals, and we think that no amount of writing can do our kinesthetic senses justice -- we recommend that you schedule an appointment to visit our showroom, where our friendly staff can walk you through our wide variety of cushions. Fun fact: A common misconception about the firmness of a cushion is that the firmer a cushion is the more durable it is in the long run. In reality, the density and quality of the foam are primarily what determines the longevity of the cushion.

Our Reilly sofas are filled with duck feathers, and a foam filling giving it a soft and comfortable feeling.

Bringing in the new year with something new

Bring in the new year with our latest collection of sofa sets. Spruce up your living room with our Arya or Hugh sofas. Giving your room a vibrant feel along with a simplistic touch of Japan. Offering you the unique experience of Japanese living right in your home.

Head down to any of our showrooms to have a feel of our sofa sets or contact us to find out more now!