Our Story

In 2016, my wife and I went furniture shopping for our new apartment. We had no lack of options for furniture shopping, ranging from higher end furniture boutiques, to more budget-friendly options to even Taobao.

Sadly, none of the options were good enough.

The items we got from Singaporean stores only fulfilled two out of our 3 criteria.

Some retailers were even outright dishonest, claiming that an item is made from teak when it was obviously rubber wood. Note that this lie came from a reputable store with an over 10000 square foot showroom!

Even with our then rudimentary knowledge of wood, the difference in the grains was too obvious. Teak has a much more pleasant looking grain than rubberwood.

This is teak.

This is rubber wood.

Also, we took a risk with Taobao against the advice of our friends, and were once again met with disappointment. Most Taobao stores heavily Photoshop their items or even use 3D models instead of real photographs. The chairs we bought were quite poorly built.

Instead of going for our standard year end holidays, we thought that it would be more memorable if we went for an investigative trip to visit furniture suppliers, and quickly realised that we could help fill a gap in the market:

bringing great quality and nicely designed furniture to Singaporean homes at affordable prices!

To illustrate how Singaporeans have been getting unreasonable prices, look at these products:

This picture is from our competitor's site. They charge $369 for this chair.

We have the same chair, at $179, with more attractive discounts available!.

Our competitors charge $2100 and above for a 1.5m live edge walnut table. (picture from competitor's site)

Ours are sold at $1299, with further discounts available!

Do support us in our quest to bring furniture with great design, quality and prices to Singapore!