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Sloth Mattress
As low as $799.00
Verona Bedframe - King
As low as $3,699.00
Maison King Bed - Leather
As low as $2,399.00
Oxford Queen Bed - Leather
As low as $1,699.00
Maison Queen Bed - Leather
As low as $2,199.00
Verona Bedframe - Queen
As low as $2,999.00
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34 Items


Bedrooms – Your Place Of Respite

One of the most private areas of the house is the bedroom. This space ought to be the ideal fusion of comfort, safety, and pleasure. Everyone wants to retreat here, both physically and mentally, from the outside world. Your mood is reflected in the room's design and decor. Designing your bedroom is now much more difficult because cozy spaces and good spatial layout are in demand. You should be able to get all the decorating inspiration you need in modern bedroom designs to create a lovely and relaxing place.

Your Room’s Centrepiece

The bed is the quintessential piece of your bedroom. It is of course made up of two elements: the bedframe and the mattress. A sturdy and purposeful bedframe furnishes your bedroom and serves as a good support system for your mattress, giving you optimal comfort and appeal in your bedroom sanctuary. Bed frames come in different materials, sizes and configurations. With all the features to consider, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the right piece that suits your needs and your liking. To that end grey & Sanders offers a great selection of bedframes. Our newest arrivals; the Hudson, Sonno and Verona bedframes are years ahead of its time. Boasting an extremely strong frame and modern look, having any of these bedframes will make you the envy of all our friends. Pair any of these frames with our Sloth mattress. It is extremely modern giving the customer the freedom of selecting various levels of firmness across the mattress itself. Like any other furniture in your home, there are multiple varieties of bed frames available in the market. Choosing the one to buy depends on your style and comfort preference.

More Than Just Bedside Manners

While your bed is the most significant piece of furniture in your bedroom, the bedside table grounds this focal point and transforms your home into a chic and useful place. Bedside tables are an absolute requirement in any bedroom, whether they are used to store a water jug, glasses, the home phone, or your nightly beauty necessities. But in addition to serving a basic need, bedside tables are crucial in completing the appearance of your bedroom. Your nightstand, in addition to the style of your bed, will define how your bedroom will seem as a whole. Your choice of bedside table and how you arrange it next to your bed frame can make your room feel cosier. The Hudson bedside table is more than just a pretty piece of furniture for your room. Its compact design allows the piece to fit beside your bed without taking up too much space. This multipurpose table is a chic accent item that every bedroom needs, serving as more than simply a place to store your night cream, reading glasses, and phone.

Leaving It Out In The Open

Although the majority of Singaporeans do not have the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, this does not mean that our only storage options are outmoded boxes and traditional wardrobes with doors. When open concept closets are used properly, especially in conjunction with a minimalist or industrial bedroom design, they may create a really fashionable appearance. Although leaving clothes on display may not seem natural to most people, in a city like Singapore where living spaces are constrained, an open concept closet might be your inventive answer to keeping extra clothing. Get creative and allow yourself to explore all the configuration options available on our Mila wardrobes that come in 3 sizes: 60cm, 80cm and 120cm. The open concept wardrobe could easily serve as your primary method of storing your clothing and belongings if you are the sort who regularly organizes your closet.