Our commitment to you.

"In light of the current health situation, we have taken extra measures to ensure that we are doing our part to curb the spread."
"At Grey and Sanders, we have everyone in mind. From our suppliers, delivery team, staff and most importantly, our customers."

Here are some measures that we’ve adopted :

To provide a safe environment for our walk-in customers and staff, our showrooms are equipped with :

Disinfectant sprays

 Hand sanitisers

Face masks

 Actively evaluate our staff’s travel history and contact tracing

Providing a safe delivery service.

Our warehouse and delivery team has adopted the same practices of :

 Wearing masks during delivery

Regular sanitising before and after each delivery

 Actively evaluate the staff's travel history and contact tracing

Providing a contact-free transaction.

We try our best to adopt a contact free check-out experience by :

 Transacting via our online website

Automatically sending invoices via e-mail to reduce the use of paper whilst also reducing contact

 Offering a paynow option for small purchases

At Grey and Sanders. Your safety is our top priority. In this trying times, let us work together to reduce the spread and look forward to a better tomorrow.