Cut It Shorter

If you find a wood slab you like, but the slab is too long, you may cut it shorter, and repurpose the remaining wood for something of your choice.


Cut It Slimmer

Likewise, if the wood slabs is too wide, you may cut it slimmer too.


Round the Edges

We can also round for our wood slab edges just for you.


Refinish It

As much as our wood slabs are easy to maintain, we understand that it may become less than ideal with everyday use. Refinish your wood slab to make it brand new. This includes sanding down the wood slab, before re-coating it with our trusted Rubio Monocoat, all at the convenience of your own home.


Store It

Love our pieces but your home is not ready yet? We’ll store it for free for up to 3 months. Subsequently, we provide storage services until your home is ready, whenever.

$50.00/item per month

Carry It

We value all our people, including our delivery staff and partners. Hence, there is a staircase charge for all deliveries which require climbing of stairs. This additional charge goes directly to our delivery staff as labour fees.

$40.00/item per level

Transport It

Can’t transport it on your own? We’ve got you. We offer collection and delivery services for all our products. Delivery is free for every order above $500.