Delivery Policies

"At Grey and Sanders, our policies are drafted with our customers at heart, and in the most reasonable way possible. Contact us if you have any queries!"

Delivery Charges

+ Delivery is free for all orders above $500.

+ For orders below $500, a flat delivery fee of $80 applies.

+ Should you require multiple deliveries to the same or different addresses for a single order, an additional charge of $80 per delivery will apply.


+ Assembly of our products is included in all deliveries.


+ Disposal service for your existing furniture is not included in all deliveries but can be arranged.

+ Disposal fees depend on the size of the furniture to be disposed. You may find the prices of different types of furniture listed under the respective disposal service products on our website.

+ To ensure the safety of our delivery team, we reserve the right to refuse disposal at our discretion.


+ You may reschedule deliveries 3 days prior to the delivery date.

+ A re-scheduled delivery must be within 1 week of the original delivery date.

Goods Acceptance

+ In order to ensure that products are free of defects, our staff conducts a check before dispatching the goods.

+ Upon receipt of the goods, you are strongly advised to inspect the goods. Defects discovered at this point must be raised to the delivery team and the goods can be returned.

+ Goods that have been accepted cannot be subsequently be returned on the basis of defects.

Non-deliverance due to customer lapses

+ All non-deliverance due to customer lapses will be subjected to a re-stocking fee of $60 for orders below $500 or 10% of orders above $500, capped at a maximum of $120. Factors that constitute non-deliverance are as follow:

+ Customer not present to receive during scheduled delivery window.

+ Wrong address was given.

+ Unable to access private property or refused entry by property security.

+ Unable to fit product into elevator and customer is staying above the 5th storey.

Delay in delivery

+ Under unforeseen circumstances, Grey and Sanders reserves the right to re-schedule the delivery with notice provided.

+ Grey and Sanders shall not be liable for any consequences of the delayed delivery.

+ A storage fee of $50.00 per order per month shall be imposed after three months of free storage, starting from the date of purchase.

Elevator Access

+ It is mandatory to highlight to us if you have no lift access. Otherwise, if delivery is to be re-scheduled, a charge of $80 re-scheduling fee will apply.

+ As a rule of thumb, elevators with lifting capacity of less than 500kg is considered small and must be measured. It is your responsibility to highlight that your estate is served by a small elevator and provide measurements to us.

Staircase Fees

+ If use of elevator is not possible and property and/or delivery destination is on the 4th floor and below, a staircase fee of $40 per floor applies.

+ For all orders to be carried more than 4 floors, and/or oversized items, please contact our customer service team. We will review all conditions before deciding to proceed with delivery. Staricase charges may vary for such orders.

+ We reserve the right to refuse delivery of any products if it threatens the safety of our delivery team.

Warehouse Storage Fees

+ We provide free 3 months storage for your order at our warehouse, starting from the date of your purchase. Should you require additional storage after 3 months, an additional fee of $50.00 per item per month shall be imposed.