Frequently Asked Questions

"Let us put your mind at ease with some answers to frequently asked questions!"


About Our Brand

Q - Why are you called Grey and Sanders? Are you a Singaporean brand?

A - Contrary to popular belief, our founders are not called Grey and Sanders. Our namesake can be attributed to Grey, our preferred colour due to its versatility in design, and Sanders the first piece of woodworking equipment we owned, which also serves as a reminder of our roots as makers.


Q - Why did you get started in furniture?

A - Our team has strong grounding in the design and manufacturing of products and spaces. Being in this industry allows us to express our creative impulses, and bring joy to our customers in the process.


Q - How is Grey and Sanders Sustainable?

A - We advocate sustainability by first, selling only high-quality furniture that will last. We also ensure that the materials we use are sustainable, and non-polluting. Lastly, we recommend products that age well – old does not mean shabby.

About Our Wood

Q - Where are your woods from? Where are they finished?

A - We have American Black Walnut, American Ash, and Indonesian Teak. American Black Walnut and Ash are harvested from FSC American forests, then cut and dried in a Chinese factory. Indonesian teak is harvested from state-owned Indonesian forests. Finishing for all slabs are done by local craftsmen in Singapore.


Q - How do we guarantee the authenticity of your wood?

A - We have certificates of sustainability and authenticity for our Walnut and Teak suppliers. In any case, these woods have unique grains that are impossible to fake. Teak has the added feature of having a unique fragrance.


Q - Can your tables be used outdoors?

A - Only teak tables are outdoor-friendly. Even so, they need to be paired with stainless steel legs. Also, note that teak will turn to a silvery-grey color under prolonged exposure to the elements. All tables can be used on balconies as long as they don’t get too much sun or direct rain.


Q - How are your woodslabs finished?

A - Most of our slabs are finished with a Belgian hardwax-oil called Rubio Monocoat. It offers good protection for the wood whilst maintaining its natural beauty, and importantly, is food-safe. It can also be touched-up or refinished relatively easily.


Q - How is the waterproofing?

A - Rubio Monocoat offers above-average water-proofing. However, it is not as good as thick plasticky finishes. Refer to care instructions for more details.


Q - I can’t find any suitable wood slabs in your inventory. Could you help to source for a suitable one?

A - With over 200 curated wood slabs in our inventory, we are amongst the most well-stocked retailers in Singapore. However, if you cannot find a suitable piece, we can source one for you, albeit at a longer lead time of 4-6 weeks.


Q - What level of customization do you offer?

A - We offer full customization for our wood slabs on request. You get the choose the exact piece of wood and the colour of epoxy. However, we seek your understanding that such custom projects take a longer time due to our limited workshop capacity.


Q - Can we cut a piece down to a size we want?

A - We offer cutting services for a small fee. Any leftover pieces can be made into coffee tables or stools for you!


Q - Can my table be refinished?

A - If you feel that your table has accumulated too much wear and tear, we can refinish your table for a reasonable fee. Contact us for a quotation!


About Our Sofas

Q - What types of leather do you have? What is the difference between these?

A - We have leather ranging from full-grain to top-grain leather, originating from Italy, Germany, Brazil, or other Asian sources. View this informative blog post for more information.


Q - Can yours sofas be customized in size?

A - The upholstery of our sofas can be customized, and some sofas come in 2, 2.5 and 3 seat variants, so a suitable size is available more often than not.


Q - How do I care for my sofa?

A - For leathers without a topcoat, Vacuum and wipe with a semi-dry cloth. For leathers with a topcoat, you can use a wetter cloth with some mild soap. Refer to the sofa care instructions page for more details.


General Questions

Q - What size furniture should I get?

A - Bigger is not always better! Refer to our sizing guides for dining sets, sofas, TV consoles and sideboards and wardrobes.


Q - How long does it take to deliver the furniture?

A - In-stock furniture can be delivered within days, subject to delivery slot availability and amount of workshop work required. Check with our friendly team for exact details!


Q - What warranty do you offer for your products? Can we return the products if we do not like it?

A - We offer a 12-month warranty on manufacturing defects, and have a flexible return policy. Refer to our return policy page for more details.