Our Team

Get to know a little bit about us

Samantha "Makcik"

Samantha is in charge of everything, hence her tongue-in-cheek nickname of Makcik, which means Aunt in Malay. Thanks to her comprehensive experience in the field, she has an intricate understanding of how the design of objects and spaces influence the way people interact with them.

Did you know? – Samantha has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Don’t mess with her!

Sam "Minion"

An engineer and industrial designer by training, Sam brings deep knowledge on our manufacturing processes. He ensures that we deliver nothing but the best. With his trained eye for detail, he also ensures that the processes and quality of our suppliers meets the demands of our clients. Due to his diverse talents, he is often overworked – hence the nickname!

Did you know? – Sam is a huge fan of Chinese dramas and if he's not on duty, you'll see him glued to his favourite series!

Ridhwan “Stylo-Milo”

Sporting the most stylish hairstyle in the team, and often donning the most fashionable outfits, Ridhwan brings the “Stylo-Milo” vibes to the team. He has improved the aesthetics of our studios (not just with his presence, although that helps). He runs the schedules for our team, ensuring that everyone maintains work-life balance.

Did you know? – Ridhwan is a professional singer with a vocal range of 4 octaves!

Shafeeq "Karpenter"

Do not let his youthful looks betray you - He has had years of experience in wood-working! Every wood slab has either been hand-finished or supervised by yours truly. His tireless work ethic has been one of the pillars the company has been built upon.

Did you know? – Shafeeq has worked in Japan before, and can speak Japanese!

Amadeus “Ah-Ma”

Amadeus helps us out with workshop work in his free time, specializing in sanding and finishing works. He is a champion grinder who can go at it all day.

Did you know? – Amadeus is a psychologist in training and is passionate in making an impactful difference to others!

Marsha "Canvast"

Behind the social media posts and articles, comes the lady behind the scenes (or computer screen). Not only does she take lifestyle photos of our customer's lovely homes, but she also helps to plan and execute our marketing campaigns.

Did you know? – Marsha is a postgrad research student that dreams to someday practice medicine!