Care & Maintenance

Wood Slabs

Always use coasters or placemats when dining. Wipe off any water or stains immediately. Once a year, use a wood care kit such as the Rubio Monocoat Care Maintenance Kit to maintain your wood. Wipe down the wood surface regularly with a damp cloth. Use only Rubio surface cleaning solutions. Keep your wood products indoors or in sheltered areas to prevent weather damage.


Wipe off any stains with a damp cloth immediately. For top grain leather products, you may use a leather cleaner to spot clean any stains. For full grain leather products, avoid using any cleaning products. Moisturise your leather product once a year to prevent the leather from cracking and peeling. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. Keep sharp objects away from leather.


Only machine wash fabrics in laundry bags on delicate settings with low temperatures. Avoid machine drying your fabrics. Instead, leave it to air dry to prevent creases from forming. Not all fabric upholstery can be machine washed. Check fabric label before washing. Wipe off any water or stains immediately with a damp cloth. Use a vacuum to clean fabric surfaces regularly. Keep your fabric products indoors and out of direct sunlight. Keep sharp objects away from fabric surfaces.

Wooden Furniture

Avoid placing wood furniture in direct sun or rain to prevent weather damage. Wipe down the wood with a damp cloth to clean. Clean up any stains immediately. Always use coasters or placemats when placing items atop the wood. Dust the wood regularly with a microfiber cloth.

Powder Coated Steel

You may clean powder coated steel products with a warm damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners. Always keep your powder coated steel products indoors. Regularly wipe down the surface with a soft cloth. Do not drag items across the powder coated steel surface to avoid any scratches. Keep sharp objects away from powder coated steel surfaces.