Wood Slabs

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Japanese Beech Bespoke
As low as $3,960.00
African Leadwood Bespoke
As low as $3,360.00
African Sapele Single
As low as $1,920.00
American Oak Single
As low as $1,920.00
Japanese Beech Single
As low as $3,600.00
American Black Walnut Hexo
As low as $1,440.00
Burmese Teak Single
As low as $2,080.00
American Ashwood Single
As low as $1,800.00
American Ashwood Hexo
As low as $1,440.00
American Ashwood Bookmatched
As low as $1,680.00
African Leadwood Single
As low as $2,880.00
African Padauk Single
As low as $1,680.00
European Olive Single
As low as $2,040.00
African Tali Single
As low as $1,680.00
Indonesian Teak Bookmatched
As low as $1,440.00
Cherry Single
As low as $1,860.00
Cherry Bookmatched
As low as $2,480.00
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25 Items


Wood Slabs – Nature’s Greatest Gift

In recent years, elegant wood slab furniture has captured the hearts of many homeowners. Who can blame them, though? It's undoubtedly enticing to think of having a bit of nature next to your house. Additionally, these wood slabs have a distinctive appearance and feel, which makes them even more exceptional for homeowners seeking the ultimate statement piece. A wood slab is a flat piece of wood that is unique and displays organic character such as unique grains, texture among others. In essence, wood slabs are simply pure solid pieces from a tree, complete with its natural imperfections and character. Add a dash of rustic elegance to your home with our wood slab tabletops. We have curated a large range of solid wood slabs from all over the world just for you. Each slab is unique in its own way with stunning wood grains that tell a story.

Ideal For Tabletops

Wood slabs are the ideal material for a dining table because they perfectly combine design and function. A wood slab's appearance and texture are absolutely unique and difficult to imitate. Any home will stand out because of the outstanding aesthetic created by the wood's ripples, notches, and grains! Wood slabs have a high level of durability and age beautifully. The wear and tear they amass through time would fit in with the rustic appearance of the table, providing a fresh level of personality. A delicate glass or marble table most certainly cannot be said to be the same!

The Perfect Wood Slab For Any Space

Be it coffee tables, dining tables or console table, there’s a wide array of wood slabs for all of your needs. Looking for something dark and elegant? Our large collection of American Black Walnut wood slabs will complement perfectly with any contemporary interior. Or add a Scandinavian touch to your home with our Oak and Ashwood wood slabs. With over 300 wood slabs to choose from, there is a perfect piece for each of our customers. Want a wood slab that is modern and minimal? Our affordable hexo solid wood dining tables would be the right fit for you. Or are you looking for a statement piece that will anchor your living space? In that case, our singe slab and bookmatched solid wood dining tables are ideal matches for you.

Whichever you choose, you can trust wholeheartedly that these wood slabs are sourced sustainably and are of the highest quality. Wood slab tables are a generational investment that, with appropriate care, will last a lifetime.

Purchasing Wood Slabs Has Never Been This Easy

With Grey & Sanders, purchasing solid wood furniture doesn’t have to be a complex process. Simply drop by our showrooms to view our vast collection of wood slabs. Select your desired slab and choose your favourite table base to go along with it. Within three weeks, you’ll be dining on your brand new solid wood dining table! Learn more about our wood slab purchasing process here.