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Sydney L-Shaped Lounge Sofa
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Maison L-Shaped Lounge Sofa
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Maison L-Shaped Chaise Sofa
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13 Items

L-Shape Sofa – The Beginner’s Guide

Are you the type that wants to lounge on a big sofa? Are you the type that wants a large space for your loved ones to sit and watch a movie together? Well then, a large and comfortable sofa is what you need. Nothing fits the bill more than an L-Shape Sofa. These sofas offer a huge space for everyone to sprawl out and have their own little corners to nestle in. So which L-Shape sofa will work for you? Here are some things to consider about these magnificient pieces before chosing one.

It's a Huge Commitment, Physically

One of the things to consider would be the amount of space needed for a sofa. A standard L-shape sofa will take up more floor room as compared to a 3-seater, 2-seater sofa or even a recliner. You will need to ensure that the interior space is big enough to house such a furniture, without constraining any other living space.

The layout of the chaise lounge also has to be taken into consideration when deciding too. You have the option of placing the chaise lounge on either side of the sofa. Different brands will have a different point-of-view of this. A chaise lounge on the left-hand side while facing the sofa will be on the right-hand side when seated. Therefore, it is essential to check with the sales associates and double confirm the desired side before chekcing out. At Grey & Sanders, our point-of-view will be from the seated position. 

Creating Smaller Living Spaces

One benefit of having such a huge piece of furniture would be that it divides your living room into smaller living spaces for different groups. This would be advantageous when a large number of guests are around. Like on a huge dining table, groups of guests can take a small section of the sofa and remain in that bubble. An L-shaped sofa can act as an anchor to the other living room furniture such as your coffee tables so those smaller pieces can be tucked in here and there as accents if necessary.

Contact Us

When picking an L-Shape sofa, there are a few things to consider. Most people would have done their research and taken their measurements. However, there are times when you actually need to see the sofa in its entirety or speak to a representative to get a second opinion. Our hotlines are always open, together with our showrooms. Don’t hesitate to drop us a text or visit our showrooms where our friendly sales associates will gladly serve you.