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Edith Dining Chair - Oak
As low as $319.00
Claire Dining Chair - Oak
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Kinsey Dining Chair - Walnut (Bundle Of 4)
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Matilda Dining Chair - Oak (Bundle Of 4)
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Edith Dining Chair - Oak (Bundle Of 4)
Special Price $1,084.60 Regular Price $1,276.00
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132 Items


Elevate Your Dining Area with Customizable Furniture

The dining area is a central hub for gatherings, meals, and creating memories with family and friends. At Grey & Sanders, we understand the importance of having a dining space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our collection of dining tables, chairs, benches, sideboards, and cabinets offers versatile and customizable options to suit your specific needs and style preferences.


Dining Tables

Our dining tables are designed to be the heart of your dining area, combining elegance with practicality. With a wide range of customizable options, you can create a dining table that perfectly fits your home’s decor and your personal taste.


With our customisable options, you can choose from various table legs or customise the length of your table to suit your needs and your dining room’s aesthetic. Whether you prefer the sleek look of metal legs or the rustic charm of wooden legs, we have options to suit every style.


Select from different types of wood, ranging from light woods like oak and ashwood to darker woods like walnut and teak. Each wood type offers unique grain patterns and finishes, adding character to your dining space.


Other than our handcrafted dining tables, Grey & Sanders offer a HUDSON Collection of extendable dining tables which are perfect for those who love to host gatherings. Easily expand your table to accommodate more guests and then compact it when not in use. This flexibility ensures that you have a functional space for both everyday dining and special occasions.


Dining Chairs and Benches

Complement your dining table with our range of dining chairs and benches, designed to offer comfort and style.


Choose from leather and fabric upholstery options. Leather chairs provide a sophisticated and durable option, while fabric chairs offer a softer, cozier feel. You can opt to either create a more cohesive look across your whole house to complement your sofa or living room area

Our dining chairs are not just limited to the dining room. Their versatile design makes them suitable for use in bedrooms or as accent chairs in your living room, providing additional seating wherever needed.


Opting to maximize seating without taking up too much space?  Dining benches are an optimal and practical choice as well since they are space-efficient. Pair them with seat cushions from our diverse selection to enhance comfort and add a pop of color or texture to your dining area.


Not only are your dining benches customisable, you can also opt for benches with the leg style of your choice to complement your dining table for a cohesive look. 


Sideboards and Cabinets

Additional dining essentials but don’t want to clutter up your dining area know where to put?

Enhance your dining area with our stylish and functional sideboards and cabinets, providing additional storage and display space. A sideboard with ample storage space is a great addition to any dining room, offering extra space for dining essentials such as tableware, linens, and serving dishes. It also serves as a surface for displaying decorative items or setting up a buffet during gatherings. From crockery and glassware to board games and books, ensuring everything has its place, invest in a sideboard to store your essentials!


Creating a Cohesive Dining Space

At Grey & Sanders, we believe in creating cohesive and harmonious dining spaces. With the range of furniture that we offer, here’s how you can achieve it. 


By having a consistent aesthetic of furniture pieces that share similar design elements or materials, this creates a unified look of your dining area. For instance, it can be as easy as matching the wood type of your dining table with your sideboards and cabinets for your dining area to be more tied together. 


Enhance the functionality of your dining area with accessories like lighting and tableware. Proper lighting sets the mood for enjoyable meals and conversations during dinner after a long day at work. It also elevates your dining area to double up as an alternative workspace to your home office, enhancing your productivity at home during your work-from-home days.


Add personal touches with decorative items such as vases, artwork, and ceramics. These elements reflect your style and make your dining space uniquely yours.


Create a cozy and productive dining area

Transform your dining area into a stylish and functional space with Grey & Sanders' range of customizable dining tables, chairs, benches, sideboards, and cabinets. Our furniture combines quality craftsmanship with versatile design, ensuring that your dining room is perfect for both everyday meals and special occasions. Explore our collection today and discover how you can create a dining area that is both inviting and elegant.