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Coffee Tables – An Essential In The Living Room

With one of the most adaptable and useful pieces of furniture in your house, the coffee table serves as a cornerstone of the design of your living area. Some of the best conversation will been had around the coffee table. Who could have imagined shopping for a small piece of furniture could be so intimidating? However, do not worry. This guide will provide some of the best tips and tricks to bear in mind when shopping for a coffee table.


The primary function of a coffee table in your living room is to perform a variety of tasks, from showcasing showpieces to serving as storage. Many storage compartments in certain coffee table designs make them more useful for keeping periodicals, drink coasters, or TV remote controls. Others may be more simplistic, with just one storage area and classier designs to display art pieces, succulent plants, or individual handicrafts.

End tables are a common choice to go with your coffee table if you need more room to display your decorations. They are positioned at the sides of your sofa or armchair in your Singapore living room to make it even easier to place things or decorations there.


In Singapore, living rooms come in a variety of seating designs, from elegant leather sofas to contemporary armchairs. A good coffee table should provide you with enough legroom to sit comfortably for extended periods of time and be high enough to avoid you from stooping too low to reach for things on your coffee table all the time.

As a general guideline, use square or rounded coffee tables like the Olivia coffee table for sectional or L-shaped sofas, while oval or rectangular coffee tables such as our Pebble, Tetro or Tetris collections go best with rectangular sofa sets. To learn more about what kind of coffee table best matches your current sitting arrangements, examine several interior design websites.

Design It However You Please

Finding out what else you want your coffee table to match, compliment, or contrast in your living room is the first step in deciding on its aesthetic. It's possible that you want your coffee table to contrast your couch, draw inspiration from the rug's highlights, or stand alone in a more diverse space.

The next item to consider is the actual design of your coffee table after you've considered how to incorporate it into your overall look. You might want to think about selecting a tabletop with an intriguing graphic or pattern, or you might want to keep it simple with a solid colour or straightforward artwork, depending on how much or how little you put on top of your coffee table.

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When picking a coffee table, there are a few things to consider. Most people would have done their research and taken their measurements. However, there are times when you actually need to see the sofa in its entirety or speak to a representative to get a second opinion. Our hotlines are always open, together with our showrooms. Don’t hesitate to drop us a text or visit our showrooms where our friendly sales associates will gladly serve you.