Wood Slab Purchase Guide

4 Easy Steps in Buying Wood Slab

Step 1

Choose Your Size

Whether you’re customising your wood for a statement dining table, or a sturdy console table at the entryway, we’ve got something for you. Determine your preferred wood slab dimensions by measuring against your available space.

Step 2

Pick Your Wood

We source the finest natural wood from around the world just for you. From the depths of the Brazilian tropical to the Central American rainforests, our wood slabs are harvested from sustainably managed forests. Marvel at nature’s work and choose the perfect slab for your home.

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Step 3

Add on Legs

More than just a supporting structure, adding the right legs for your wood slabs elevates the overall look and feel of your customised piece. With over 15 unique designs to select from, we’ve got table legs for whatever style you’re going for.

Step 4

Get it in 14 Days

Once you’ve chosen your desired wood slab and table legs, get ready to welcome it to your home in two weeks. In the meantime, let our team of skilled carpenters polish your wood slab and coat it with the acclaimed Rubio Watercoat to protect it from potential spills and accidents.

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