5 Sure Tips to Identify Good Quality Leather

Not all leathers are made equal. This article teaches you how to identify authentic, as well as good quality leather.

Tip 1: Check The Underside of The Leather

If able to, unzip a cushion of the sofa, and check what the underside looks like. Synthetic leathers will have a fabric backing, while real leather looks like this:

Tip 2: Smell It

We have evolved over millennia, and our senses are what helps us make sense of the world and avoid danger. Smell the leather furniture you are checking. If it doesn't smell like leather, or has a plasticky smell, it probably isn't leather.

Tip 3: Country of Origin

It's not that we are snobs, but the country of origin matters when it comes to leather. Tanning leather is a very technical process, and typically only established tanneries with years of experience can produce durable, high quality leather. Italian leather is famous for its quality, as Italy has produced quality leather products for centuries, and the tanning process has been refined over generations of Tanneries.

Tip 4: Look And Feel

Good quality leather feels soft yet tough. If leather feels wrong (hard, plasticky or thin), it probably isn't good quality leather. You can also apply the wrinkle test. Real leather will wrinkle when depressed or bent, just like your skin. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, has no such property.

Tip 5: Label (Genuine vs Top Grain)

Last but not least, pay attention to how the seller labels the leather. If the leather is real top-grain or full-grain leather, a seller will definitely label it so, as it is a selling point for the product (read more here). "Genuine leather" is, on the other hand, typically lower-grade leather which is less durable.

At Grey and Sanders, our sofas are made with premium Italian full-grain or top-grain leathers. Come visit us to witness the quality for yourselves!