1. 4 Must Know Tips When Getting A Sofa

    Portage 3 Seater Sofa with Chaise

    Buying a sofa can often be a little stressful for homeowners.

    You have to think about material, size, color scheme and it is just a lot of work! But not to worry, Grey & Sanders has got your back. Here are four essential things you need to watch out for when buying a sofa.

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  2. Don’t buy a wood slab till you’ve read this!

    Walnut wood slabs

    Wood slabs are coming back in style!

    Many homeowners have fallen head over heels for beautiful wood slab furniture in recent years. And who can blame them? The idea of having a piece of nature right in your home is definitely appealing.

    What’s more, these wood slabs have their own unique look and feel, making it all the more special for homeowners looking for the ultimate statement piece.

    But before we deep dive into the world of timber, let's take baby steps into understanding what exactly wood slabs are!

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  3. Don't Want Pricey Custom Wardrobe? Try a Modular Wardrobe!

    Don't Want Pricey Custom Wardrobe? Try a Modular Wardrobe!

    Custom Walk-in Wardrobes Too Expensive? Try a Modular Wardrobe!

    And so you wanted to build a walk-in wardrobe or a customised wardrobe to maximise the space you have. But no matter where you look, prices are between $200 - $600 per foot run.

    In truth, the cost price for the material and installation is not that high. Most of the significant margins you are paying for go to the designers, contractors and other middlemen which really isn't necessary.

    This article tells you how to get the designer wardrobe look, without breaking the bank.

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  4. 26 Interior Design Ideas for Small Singapore Apartment

    Sofa from grey and sanders


    26 Ideas for Small Singapore Apartments

    Over 90% of Singaporean dwellers live in apartments, each comes with its own set of challenges like small space, poor lighting and odd layout. But who said great style and small spaces cannot go together?

    Small space and unconventional layout should not be a limitation when it comes to your interior - you just need to be creative and smart with your furniture shopping! There are many ways to create a functional and cozy space without breaking the bank.

    Designing and furnishing an apartment is about striking the right balance between functionality and style. Here are some tips to get you started:


    When space is limited, we need to replace traditional furniture that works well in one setting with smart furniture that are flexible and adaptable.

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  5. How To Identify Authentic American Walnut Hardwood (2021)


    How to Identify Real American Walnut Wood?

    American Walnut hardwood has a yellow-white colour outer edge layers, and dark brown heartwood (Not Yellowish brown). Comparatively smaller wood slab sizes, measuring 70cm - 80cm each. Straight and tight grains. Stronger, harder and denser than Suarwood. Will not warp due to moisture, hence no metal rod needed on the side of the slab.


    In recent years, the American Walnut has become a very popular choice of wood for natural live edge furniture. The gorgeous dark brown colour and unique grains of the wood is definitely a perfect addition to any home. However, it is not as easy to be able to tell what is an authentic american walnut, and our discerning customers have been pointing out that American Walnut slabs look very similar to Suar wood. As such, let us give you a quick crash course to identifying authentic American Walnut!

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  6. Best Fabric Sofa: Customisable Features with Stain Repellent Technology

    Sofa shopping can be confusing for new homeowners. There are just too many considerations involved; what kind of style, colour, length, height and material should you get?

    I am sure you have met with situations where you sit down and find the cushion too hard or too soft, or a situation where the depth of the seat is too shallow or too deep. Just when you thought you found the perfect comfort, you realized the sofa is too big for your new flat. All these worries of a new homeowner are very common so we decided to provide a solution!

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  7. 2021 Ultimate Guide to Wood

    Singapore Solid Wood Top supplier

    2021 Ultimate Wood Guide

    Solid wood, veneer, plywood, laminates... confused with all the wood terminologies out there? This condensed guide will clear all your doubts.

    You may have heard conflicting statements asserting, "Solid wood is always the best" or "Veneer lasts longer because it doesn't deform like solid wood". So which is the best?

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  8. American Black Walnut – The Best Wood for Dining Tables?

    American Black Walnut – The Best Wood for Dining Tables?

    Native to the eastern regions of North America, American Black Walnut is a medium to large hardwood that is commonly used for furniture making. In recent years, the American Black Walnut has become a very popular choice of wood for natural live edge tables. The gorgeous dark brown colour and unique grains of the wood would definitely be a perfect addition to your home.

    Still considering what wood would be the best? Read on to find out more why the American Black Walnut is definitely the best wood for dining table!

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  9. Do I need to match my wood colour?

    Do I need to match my wood colour? And 3 colour tips for selecting your wood furniture.

    One big question when selecting wood furniture is: Do I need to match my wood colour?

    The short answer to this is: no.

    Different shades of wood naturally go well with each other, hence you don't have to enforce consistency in all your wood selection. This tip saves you the headache and the money.

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  10. The Dark Beauty - Shou Sugi Ban

    The Dark Beauty - Shou Sugi Ban

    Say hi to our newest addition to our Grey and Sanders family, the Shou Sugi Ban oak wood. Like any new member, an introduction is needed and we are here to help you get to know it more.

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