1. American Black Walnut – The Best Wood for Dining Tables

    American Black Walnut – The Best Wood for Dining Tables

    Native to the eastern regions of North America, American Black Walnut is a medium to large hardwood that is commonly used for furniture making. In recent years, the American Black Walnut has become a very popular choice of wood for natural live edge tables. The gorgeous dark brown colour and unique grains of the wood would definitely be a perfect addition to your home.

    Still considering what wood would be the best? Read on to find out more why the American Black Walnut is definitely the best wood for dining table!

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  2. Customisable And Walk-in Wardrobes Too Expensive? Tips On Having A Beautiful Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

    Customisable And Walk-in Wardrobes Too Expensive? Tips On Having A Beautiful Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

    And so you wanted to build a walk-in wardrobe or a customised wardrobe to maximise the space you have. But no matter where you look, prices are between $200 - $600 per foot run.

    In truth, the cost price for the material and installation is not that high. Most of the significant margins you are paying for go to the designers, contractors and other middlemen which really isn't necessary.

    This article tells you how to get the designer wardrobe look, without breaking the bank.

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  3. Features On Wood You Never Knew Existed

    Features On Wood You Never Knew Existed

    Knots, ripples, grains, tiger mark ... surprised with all the wood features that you never knew on the wood? No worries, we are here to explain so that you will be an expert at spotting all these unique features the next time you shop for wood products.

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  4. What is Burl Wood?

    What is Burl Wood?

    Every piece of wood is a unique and beautiful creation from the nature; no two pieces are alike. One of the greatest joys for us when working with wood is enjoying every grain and feature on the wood, and knowing that every individual piece is one of its kinds. Today we will be sharing more on Burl Wood and its beauty.

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  5. All You Need To Know About Teak

    All You Need To Know About Teak

    Often nicknamed as “The King of Hardwood”, Teak is one of the best wood you can find in the world for furniture. It is valued not only for its grains and hue, but also for its resistance to cracking, warping, rotting and corrosion when in contact with steel.

    Sounds too good to be true? Not really! Let us bring you through some of the important and fun facts about teak wood and what to look out for before purchasing!

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  6. Planning Your Dining Area

    Planning Your Dining Area

    Dining furniture is definitely an integral part of your home. They are more than just tables and chairs; it is where you catch up with your love ones over a meal. Imagine walking into a home where everything is spaced perfectly – you don’t have to squeeze behind a chair or make a big round just to reach to your kitchen. Nowadays, it is much tougher to do that due to smaller living space.

    The trick? Properly plan your space! This article aims to help you plan the perfect dining area that combines functionality with aesthetics.

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  7. The Ultimate Leather Guide For Sofas

    The Ultimate Leather Guide For Sofas

    You might have heard of terms like "genuine leather", "top grain" and "full grain", which refer to leathers obtained from different parts of cowhide. You might have also heard of the terms "full aniline" and "semi-aniline" which refer to how leather is coloured. A combination of these factors broadly constitutes leather quality. This guide serves to explain what these terms actually mean (no, the average salesman does not know) and better inform your purchase decisions.

    At Grey and Sanders, our leather sofa comes with 3 options:

    1. Top Grain (Semi-Aniline)

    2. Italian Top Grain (Semi-Aniline Top)

    3. Italian Full Grain “Jethro” (Full-Aniline)

    You are about to find out what all these mean and which best suits your need and budget.

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  8. Tan Boon Liat Furniture | Grey and Sanders opens New Store

    Tan Boon Liat Furniture | Grey and Sanders opens New Store

    Come visit our new store at 315 Outram Road #06-02 Tan Boon Liat Building S169074 Today!

    We have moved to a larger showroom with awesome features to give our customers a better shopping experience. Our wide selection at Tan Boon Liat furniture is sure to impress you!


    Whether you are looking for dark colored or light colored woods, a small study desk or a 3m conference table, with over 120 wood slabs on display, we will have something that meets your requirements! Come find your dream table at our new Tan Boon Liat furniture shop today.

    From left to right, Oak, Black Walnut, Ash and Chestnut Slabs

    Sliding rack proudly designed by the Grey and Sanders Team

    Area for oversized slabs

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  9. Why We Don't Sell Suar Wood

    Why We Don't Sell Suar Wood

    This is a long article. However, if you intend to purchase a piece of wood slab furniture, I highly encourage you to look through it diligently. It could prevent much heartache in the future.


    Many of our customers come to us enquiring about Suar wood. We avoid Indonesian Suar wood at all costs as it is a problematic product; it warps, splits and grows mold easily. Indonesia lacks the technology and processes to properly dry their wood, and factories there tend to take shortcuts when it comes to drying their wood properly. The easiest way to see if wood is dried properly is to make sure it is below 7cm in thickness; it is simply not possible to properly Kiln-dry pieces thicker than that.

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  10. Featured Homes - Black, White, Brown, and a Dog.

    Featured Homes - Black, White, Brown, and a Dog.

    Our customer Graham purchased a Zebrawood dining slab and paired it with the Xavier legs. His theme was primarily black, white and wood-brown.

    We didn't think that it was a good palette combination at first because, but the results were great: a clean, simple and confident feel.

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