1. 2021 Ultimate Guide to Wood

    Singapore Solid Wood Top supplier

    2021 Ultimate Wood Guide

    Solid wood, veneer, plywood, laminates... confused with all the wood terminologies out there? This condensed guide will clear all your doubts.

    You may have heard conflicting statements asserting, "Solid wood is always the best" or "Veneer lasts longer because it doesn't deform like solid wood". So which is the best?

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  2. American Black Walnut – The Best Wood for Dining Tables?

    American Black Walnut Dining Table furniture set In a Singaporean home

    American Black Walnut – The Best Wood for Dining Tables?

    Native to the eastern regions of North America, American Black Walnut is a medium to large hardwood that is commonly used for furniture making. In recent years, the American Black Walnut has become a very popular choice of wood for natural live edge tables. The gorgeous dark brown colour and unique grains of the wood would definitely be a perfect addition to your home.

    Still considering what wood would be the best? Read on to find out more why the American Black Walnut is definitely the best wood for dining table!

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  3. Do I need to match my wood colour?

    Solid wood Island table top, and 2 Grey and Sanders' bar stools

    Do I need to match my wood colour? And 3 colour tips for selecting your wood furniture.

    One big question when selecting wood furniture is: Do I need to match my wood colour?

    The short answer to this is: no.

    Different shades of wood naturally go well with each other, hence you don't have to enforce consistency in all your wood selection. This tip saves you the headache and the money.

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  4. The Ultimate 2021 Leather Guide For Sofas

    Ultimate Leather Sofa Furniture Guide Singapore


    2021 Ultimate Leather Guide for Sofas

    You might have heard of terms like "genuine leather", "top grain" and "full grain", which refer to leathers obtained from different parts of cowhide. You might have also heard of the terms "full aniline" and "semi-aniline" which refer to how leather is coloured. A combination of these factors broadly constitutes leather quality. This guide serves to explain what these terms actually mean (no, the average salesman does not know) and better inform your purchase decisions.

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  5. Kelly Ser Atelier Painting Giveaway - 'Stargazing: Meteor Metal'


    Kelly Ser Atelier Painting Giveaway - 'Stargazing: Meteor Metal'

    To celebrate our collaboration with Singaporean artist Kelly Ser (www.kellyseratelier.com), we will be giving away this beautiful painting (worth S$500) by Singaporean Artist, Kelly Ser, that is inspired by the night sky, meteors and supernovas!

    ‘Stargazing: Meteor Metal, 2021’ is an acrylic on canvas painting by Kelly Ser Atelier that is currently retailing at our Tan Boon Liat outlet.

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  6. When Art Meets Home: Modern Art for Your Home Decor in Singapore


    When Art Meets Home: Modern Art for Your Home Decor in Singapore

    With the opening of our new outlet at Tan Boon Liat, some of you may also have noticed new paintings on our walls.

    After months of planning, curation and plenty of wall action, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Singaporean artist Kelly Ser (www.kellyseratelier.com), and you can find her beautiful paintings at all 3 Grey & Sanders outlets! We have been keen followers of Kelly’s modern art over the years, and are excited to feature her paintings in our Singapore showroom at Tan Boon Liat and Millenia Walk!

    ‘Stargazing, 2021’ collection of acrylic on canvas artworks by Kelly Ser Atelier at our Tan Boon Liat outlet.

    At Grey & Sanders, we believe that lounging in luxury and relaxing in style goes beyond your choice of furniture. Selecting the right paintings that compliments your space not only brings it to life, but also ties the entire scheme of your room together. Whether it is an acrylic painting for home decor, or a wall art to transform your home or office into an art gallery, get inspired by the modern art from Kelly Ser Atelier in our showrooms.

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  7. Home Office Productivity in a Post-COVID World- a Guide for Lighting and Posture

    Empty offices due to the work from home trend


    2021 Lighting and Posture Guide

    The COVID-19 pandemic has the world adopting work-from-home en masse, with many not knowing the importance of workplace designs which could enhance personal productivity. Our individual home workspaces may be far from ideal.

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  8. The One-Stop Guide to Materials for Table Tops

    The One-Stop Guide to Materials for Table Tops

    A table is likely one of the most frequently used furniture in your house – whether for preparing or having your meals, getting some work done, or just a convenient surface to hold the trinkets of daily life. That is why it pays to get the right material to balance design and durability. This article summarises the pros and cons of commonly-used materials for table tops.

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  9. Why we Use Rubio Monocoat For Our Table Tops

    A stunning statement piece in every home – Bookmatched slab American black walnut dining table.

    Wooden table tops need to have a layer of protective coating (also known as finish), to one protect them against water and stains and two to bring out the beauty of the grains. The tabletops at Grey and Sanders are finished with Rubio Monocoat, a Belgian hard wax oil. Since we started operations four years ago, we have experimented with various ways to finish our tabletops, and after many experiments, and after many lessons learnt (some more painful than others), we conclude that it is the best product in the market for wood slab table tops. This article lists the reasons why we love this product.

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  10. The Ultimate Guide to Wood Slabs - Part II

    The Ultimate Guide to Wood Slabs - Part II

    Welcome back to Part II of this two-part series - “The Ultimate Guide To Wood Slabs”. In Part I, we covered the various styles of wood slabs. In this sequel, we will elaborate on the characteristics of various solid wood materials, and what makes these wood species a must-have in your home!

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