The many trees of Christmas

With Christmas now over and decorations still up, have you ever looked at your Christmas tree and wonder what type of tree is a Christmas tree actually? Also, can you make something out of the tree once Christmas is over? Well firstly, there are 4 main types of Christmas trees. There are Fir, Pine, Cypress, and Cedar trees. Now let’s find out more about them!

Pine trees

One of the more popular Christmas tree used around the world is Pine trees. This is due to its cone shape with a thick base and smaller top as well as the colour of the leaves. There are over 126 types of Pine trees discovered so far. Therefore, making it the most commonly found Christmas tree as well. Some consider Spruce trees to fall under Pine trees and some consider Spruce trees to be their own species of tree.

Cedar trees

Cedar is the least commonly used Christmas tree other than in Missouri, Oklahoma and, Arkansas. This is because of the odd shape which the leaves form. It’s more of a cylindrical figure with a narrow top. Other than the shape the leaves also produce a strong to medium fragrance which may not be ideal for smaller homes.

Cypress trees

Cypress trees are not the first choice of Christmas trees due to the balder tops where there aren’t many leaves. However, there is medium to no fragrance from the leaves which makes it more ideal as compared to Cedar but due to its top not as ideal as Pine trees.

Fir trees

Finally, there are the Fir trees. Fir trees are also popular due to the strong branches and the shape of the tree. Fir trees grow the largest compared to other trees where some species can grow up to 350 feet tall.

The best wood to make furniture out of

So which tree is the best to use after Christmas? Firwood would be the most ideal as the wood is not as sensitive to weather compared to other types of wood such as pine. Although, they share similar properties with Pinewood like the grains of the trunk. Fir trees also grow incredibly fast. Therefore, making it sustainable and eco-friendly. It is also similar to poplar another tree that is commonly used to make furniture. Firwood is also known for its strength and durability. This is due to its unique cell structure which also makes the wood sturdy but light.

An example of a Firwood slab we currently have

Head down to any of our showrooms to be in awe of this beautiful wood or contact us to find out more.