Spice Your Space Up With The Albert Legs

Say goodbye to long, strenuous days of sitting on your desk, crunching away on a report or a school assignment. Motorised table legs are the new in thing! They’re a practical, ergonomic and comfortable alternative to your regular ol’ study table. Here at Grey and Sanders, we believe in giving our customers the freedom and flexibility of customizing their furnitures. Read on to find out more about our state of the art, Albert legs.

Bring a modern touch into your home and redefine your space



The Albert legs are truly one of a kind - its electric lifting mechanism allows you to set to 4 different preset heights! Its versatility grants you the leisure of raising or lowering your study table to your exact preferences. You no longer have to hurt your back over your next submission or that last minute proposal. Simply adjust the height of your table with the push of a button so you can stand while using your computer. Better still, while you’re seated down comfortably on a bean bag. It can be adjusted to as low as 60 cm to as tall as 125 cm! By creating a memory profile, you don’t have to worry about constantly calibrating it to your liking.


Albert Legs (1)



Studies have shown that good, proper posture promotes productivity & increases concentration. Not only can the Albert legs fulfill that, it also allows healthy blood circulation as it actively encourages you or your child to go from a seated to standing position. Goodbye stiff shoulders, neck aches and back pain!

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Pair it with one of our beautiful wood slabs

We all know that the American Black Walnut is the best wood for dining tables. However, have you ever thought of using them as study tables? Well, they make quite a desk! The wood element creates a refreshing ambience with an interesting touch. Natural wood also offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and peerless structural integrity. That’s something compressed, laminated wood table tops just simply can't reflect. Breathe some life into your room and spark some creativity while you’re at it! The Albert legs fit table tops that are 1.1m-2.0m long so drop by our showroom to find a piece that suits you.



There are many things to consider when furnishing your study room or personal office. What’s most important is making the space as comfortable, practical and conducive as possible. Especially if you’re always burning the midnight oil. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, the Albert legs are certainly worth a try!