How to build your own Mila Open Concept Wardrobe

Building your own Mila Open-Concept Wardrobe is easy. This guide aims to help you maximise your space and utilise all that the Mila series can coffer.

The Mila Open-Concept Wardrobes are pretty versatile when it comes to utility. It can be used as bookshelves, display shelves, plant hangers and of course, wardrobes.

Read on to get inspired and to know what you can do with our Mila Series with your available space.

Step 1 : Know Your Space

So you've decided to add shelving units/wardrobes to your space. How much space should you use? Will it be too bulky? Will there enough space to move around?

Across the board, using a masking tape or any marking tools to allocate the space where you'd like to put your furniture, will be the best method to gauge if the furniture will work out for you. Maneuver around the markings as though the furniture is already there. Observe and have a feel if the size and the location of where you're intending to place the furniture is ideal. There are some tips and pointers that you can research on when it comes to leaving ample walking space between furnitures.

Once you've more or less decided on the suitable space to put your shelves, note the size down and have it with you when you visit the furniture store.

Pro tip!

- Take note of your wall skirting as it will leave a small space between the wall and your furniture.

- Do take note of any wall sockets and any installations that might pose a challenge. Things like air-condition and circuit breakers will prevent you from getting anything that's too tall.

Step 2 : Get Crafty with your Mila Configuration

Now that you know the available space that you can play around with, the modular Mila Open-Concept Wardrobes comes in 3 sizes that can be mix and matched to suit your requirements.

Click here to view the units in 120cm, 80cm and 60cm.

Some examples of utilising your space :

- A 180cm space can be broken up to 1 x 120cm Mila + 1 x 60cm Mila OR 3 x 60cm Mila.

- A 200cm space can be broken up to 1 x 120cm Mila + 1 x 80cm Mila OR 2 x 60cm Mila + 1 x 80cm Mila.

Just like LEGO, feel free to build your own configurations to fit your space.

For each Mila Unit, you are able to place a total of 5 shelves.

If you'd like to opt for drawers, it comes in a set of 3 and it can only be at the bottom of the unit. You can place a total of 3 shelves above the drawers.

The best part about the Mila Series is that you'll only need to pay for what you need!

You may also purchase extra shelves along the way if you ever feel like changing the configuration of your set-up.

As the Mila shelving can be moved around easily using an allen key, switching things around will be a breeze.

Step 3 : Choose your colour and make the purchase!

Now that you're all set with the configuration that you desire, pick from 2 wood finishing that best suit your space!

Our Mila Open Concept Wardrobe comes in 2 colours, Oak and Walnut.

OAK : Oak is a light-coloured wood with a more yellow tinge that gives it a more simple and Scandinavian feel. Perfect for Modern and Minimal interiors which are matched with light and bright colours that will allow the Oak panels to fit in nicely.

WALNUT : Walnut is a Rich Brown wood that's perfect for a Modern, Industrial theme. Its is a simpler colour to match with most interiors. Perfect with grey tiles and furniture with black frames, the Walnut variant is a crowd favourite.

Once you've selected your ideal colour, simply purchase the Mila Open-Concept Wardrobes from our website or make the purchase at our showroom where you can view the Mila Wardrobes on display!

Our in-store staff are more than happy to guide you along and ensure that you're getting the best of what the Mila series can offer.


The Mila Open-Concept Wardrobes are perfect for those who are looking for a simple solution for their storage needs. It saves a considerable amount of space and it movable. No wall-drilling needed and no permanent installation needed unlike other built-in wardrobes. With that, it's not as stressful to decide your configurations as you can simply switch them around from time to time!

If you like the Mila Open Wardrobe, call/whatsapp us at (+65) 8371 8864 to book a free consultation and be on your way to build your dream walk-in/customised wardrobe!