Top 2020 Interior Design Trends

As we welcome the new year with new resolutions and goals, let us also take a moment to appreciate and embrace the upcoming interior trends this 2020. Although many signature looks from 2019 are still quite trendy these days, it’s time for a much needed upgrade this fresh decade! If you’re thinking of revamping your home or moving into a new space, here are some decorating tips that may come in handy. Fret not, not all trends require you to redecorate your current interior design from scratch. Find what’s in tune with your own personal style and incorporate these trends into your humble abode. Read on more to find out our top 5 interior design trends for this year!

#1 Sustainable Materials

In this new decade, we’re all about going green and conserving the environment. Say goodbye to mass-produced furniture that aren’t eco-friendly or sourced ethically! Here at Grey & Sanders, we believe in producing items that are sustainable and built to last. When shopping for furnitures that are constructed from au naturel sources, take an extra step further to make sure they’re ethically sourced.

Did you know? All our American Black Walnut slabs are accredited with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification which means that our wood slabs come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Make an informed choice before your purchase and you too can create positive environmental and social impact!

#2 Bold Monochromatic

Featuring the Portage L-Shaped Sofa in Brianne Gray

Photo credit: Turek Design

Photo credit: Inside Out

Monochromatic colours have always been in style, and this normally goes hand in hand with minimalistic interiors. Many contemporary living rooms are designed with the monochromatic grey colour palette. This bold yet elegant trend is not only effortlessly timeless, but also very versatile.

Go even bolder by selecting richer and deeper monochromatic colours like cobalt blue or emerald green. Incorporating dramatic colours may seem intimidating at first, but remember, you can always start small and build your way up. You can also add textures and contrasting tones as you go along. Have fun and create a space that is not only full of style, but also your own personality!

#3 Geometric Patterns

Featuring the Ashby Sofa in Brianne Nude

Photo credit: Decoist

Add a pop of patterns by incorporating geometric prints across your home! Go subtle by opting for patterned accessories (think cushion covers or rugs) or go bold by substituting your plain ol’ wall with a wallpapered geometric design. If wallpapers are not your cup of tea, you can always choose a felted wall and even add layers onto it, creating a 3D effect to your space. There are no rules when it comes to adding patterns so get your creative, artistic hats on!

#4 Combine the Old & New

Photo credit: Stadshem

Photo credit: Lush Home

Modern and à la mode interior designs have been trending in style for the past few years. However, mixing modern pieces with a couple of antique or vintage accents can be effortlessly stylish and makes your home even more inviting. This combinatorial aesthetic creates a carefully crafted ambience to your space.

#5 Handcrafted Goods

Featuring the Grey & Sanders handcrafted kitchenware

As of late, there has been an ever growing demand for artisan products. There’s just something mesmerizingly beautiful and unique about items that are individually handcrafted. Whether it’s a piece of hand painted kitchenware or a pot of artificial plant carefully assembled together, each item tells a story.

Cheers to 2020!

We hope you’ve gained some inspiration with these up and coming interior trends. At the end of the day, the space you create is unique to you and your family! But if you ever need a second opinion, feel free to contact us in person or via Whatsapp!