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Don't Want Pricey Custom Wardrobe? Try a Modular Wardrobe!

Custom Walk-in Wardrobes Too Expensive? Try a Modular Wardrobe!

And so you wanted to build a walk-in wardrobe or a customised wardrobe to maximise the space you have. But no matter where you look, prices are between $200 - $600 per foot run.

In truth, the cost price for the material and installation is not that high. Most of the significant margins you are paying for go to the designers, contractors and other middlemen which really isn't necessary.

This article tells you how to get the designer wardrobe look, without breaking the bank.

Use Modular Wardrobe Units To Minimise Carpentry

There are a myriad of great looking modular wardrobe units out in the market. These units usually come in the few sizes and have become quite common amongst Singapore furniture retailers of late.

Because they are modular, they offer many permutations in sizes to fit your space as snuggly as possible. You could just do a small amount of carpentry to fill up the remaining spaces or add frames and glass doors as the finishing touch!

At Grey and Sanders, we offer free design consultation for our Korean-designed modular wardrobes and we retail at a very affordable prices.

We call it the Mila Open Wardrobe (see units in 120cm, 80cm and 60cm). They highly efficient in space and offer a great variety of storage and hanging options.

Grey & Sanders Mila Open Wardrobe in many other configurations.

2 x 80cm Mila Open Wardrobe
A stretch of Mila Open Modular style Wood and steel Wardrobe

Open-concept wardrobes do away with the carpentry totally and can save you heaps of money and yet look amazing.

Drop a open wardrobe unit in the corner of your room

Pole system wardrobe

Or fill a room with it

A stretch of U-shape Walk-in wardrobe built with Mila Open Modular style Wood and steel Wardrobe by Grey and Sanders

Concerns about Dust?

Nope. There isn't much surface area for your clothing to collect the dust anyway. While the panels can settle a fair bit of dust, you could easily apply surface conditioners (like lemon pledge and etc) and your wardrobe will repel dust fervently.

Besides, a closed closet makes for an excellent place to grow mould -- we have all seen the lucid white shirt turn hideously yellow along with the stale smell. In a open wardrobe, your clothes smell fresh all the time.

Looks Messy?

Well, you might argue that it looks nice on pictures but when in actual use, it will be messy.

Figure this: have you walked into a clothing store that has all clothes displayed out and find that its all in a mess? Probably not.

Your clothing and accessories can accentuate your space, so you should flaunt them. The trick? Keep them fairly neat, and yes we do mean just fairly will do. For items that can look messy, you can always keep them inside of drawers (which are also for your undies or other intimate garments no one should see).

Plan A Little

It really isn't that hard to spare some thought to visualise how you want your wardrobe to be. Think about if you want drawers or storage boxes, how many panels you want, compartment for bags or shows etc. Besides, most furniture retailers who carry modular wardrobes should be able to help you plan a little. Likewise in Grey and Sanders, our consultation is free so just come drop by Grey & Sanders showroom to find us!

Be A Perfectionist In How it Looks, Not How It Will Perfectly Fit

Wardrobes don't need to fit your space perfectly to look perfectly stunning. In fact, leaving some gaps in most instances doesn't affect aesthetics, or if so, it can always be fixed with some carpentry.

Leaving some wall space with modular wardrobes

Built-in wardrobe , open concept

Focus on how to make it look good by investing in the partition walls, sliding glass doors and lightings to make impactful uplift to overall aesthetics.

Make a glass door frame around your modular wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe with Glass door for an airy feel

Or partition a room with sliding glass doors

U-shape Walk-in wardrobe with pole system, and close with sliding glass doors


With more modular wardrobe units out among the Singapore furniture retailers, you are probably spoilt for choices with design and colours.

If you like the Mila Open Wardrobe, call/whatsapp us at (+65) 8371 8864 to book a free consultation and be on your way to build your dream walk-in/customised wardrobe!