What is Burl Wood?

Every piece of wood is a unique and beautiful creation from the nature; no two pieces are alike. One of the greatest joys for us when working with wood is enjoying every grain and feature on the wood, and knowing that every individual piece is one of its kinds. Today we will be sharing more on Burl Wood and its beauty.

Burl Wood is anything but average. The swirls and twirls in the bark create a unique, highly figured wood grain that cannot be artificially duplicated. Most wood grain runs in a relatively straight line but in a burl, the grain twists and spirals in unpredictable ways. This creates a complex knot of grain that is uniquely strong and absolutely gorgeous.

Work of art from the nature: the interior of a Burl

As beautiful as it looks, do you know that Burl is actually an unsightly (on the exterior), extraneous growth on a tree? When a tree is experiencing some form of stress, be it injury, fungal infection or virus, it may respond by rapidly creating a warty mass of tissue, covered in bark, to protect the inflamed area. This produces the unique swirls and lumps that you see.

Work of art from the nature: the exterior of a Burl

Burl wood is often prized for its stunning appearance and unique structural by furniture makers and all sorts of specialty woodworkers. You can see Burl wood being used for luxury automobiles, sounding boards of guitars and even watches. The beauty of Burl is definitely second to none for wood products.

Interior of a luxury automobile that is lined with Burl

Furthermore, Burl is greatly valued as it is relatively rare. It cannot be grown, or “farmed” in a controlled environment – it can only be found in the wild! Despite its rarity, Burl is a sustainable wood product if harvested with care as they can be harvested without chopping or killing the tree.

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