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29 Items

Ellis 1 Seater Sofa
As low as $2,799.00
Langham 1 Seater Sofa
As low as $1,899.00
Ashby 1 Seater Sofa
As low as $2,099.00
Hugh 1 Seater Sofa - Leather
As low as $1,599.00
Arya 1 Seater Sofa
As low as $1,599.00
Reilly 1 Seater Sofa
As low as $1,899.00
Maison 1 Seater Sofa
As low as $1,499.00
Sydney Ottoman
As low as $1,099.00
Portage Ottoman - Leather
As low as $1,299.00
Langham Ottoman
As low as $949.00
Ashby Ottoman
As low as $779.00
Hugh Ottoman - Leather
As low as $499.00
Hugh Ottoman - Velvet
As low as $399.00
Cubus Stool - Leather
As low as $229.00
Arya Ottoman - Leather
As low as $549.00
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29 Items


Armchairs & Ottomans – Designed for Individuality

Armchairs and ottomans are made for single seating. There is a sense of individuality in a single chair. It stands out from the rest. At Grey & Sanders, our armchairs and ottomans portray a sense of independence, being able to stand on its own yet still complimentary to the home. Sit like a king with our assortment of armchairs and ottomans.

Ideal for Modern Homes

With houses in Singapore getting smaller and space becoming a premium, the best way to maximise your living space would be to go for something sleek and simple. Nothing screams slick and simple more than the armchairs in our collection. It is the perfect harmony of the needs of a modern home and luxury.

Robust Pieces

The armchairs and ottomans are all variants of other sofas from our collection. Getting a Hugh 3-seater for your home? Why not complete the look with a Hugh Armchair as well as a Hugh ottoman. Matching pieces can be found for almost all our 3-seaters, 2-seaters and even the recliner sofas. All these pieces will look harmonious together giving off a sense of tranquillity. Not to mention, having a complete set like this is really easy on the eyes.

Conversely, if you like to add a little flair and uniqueness to your living room, an armchair that is of a different colour or material may do just that. It is significant enough to catch the eye but not large enough that it would negatively affect the appearance and vibe of the living room. You could open new doors and even cross collections. A Portage armchair and ottoman could go well with an Ellis sofa. The possibilities are endless. A whole new world awaits you.

Durable Material

All our leather sofas are made from genuine leather. It is very durable and does not break down easily. As such, you will know that the pieces that you got for your home will last a long time if maintained properly. Do look at our leather cleaning kit to help with leather sofa maintenance. Some of our fabrics are scratch resistant too. You will not have to worry about your new piece getting scratched by your pet. We do have a 5-year warranty for the frame and springs in the sofa.

Contact Us

Armchairs and ottomans while smaller than their ‘grander’ cousins are still statement pieces, nonetheless. Careful thought and consideration must be made before deciding on a purchase. Do drop us a WhatsApp text or visit our showrooms if you have any queries regarding these pieces and out stylist and sales associates will gladly assist you.