This Wood Slab Is What Everyone's Buying! Here's Why!

This Wood Slab Is What Everyone's Buying! Here's Why!

In our last article, we discussed the wide array of wood slabs that would make great table tops including the exotic Leadwood.

This timber has a unique look to it and many interesting characteristics that would make it a perfect table top for homeowners. So let’s deep dive and find out more about Leadwood.


Leadwood Tree_Solid Dining Table

Leadwood trees are commonly found in Central Africa. They are one of the largest tree species in Africa, capable of attaining heights of 20 meters. Leadwood is famously known for being immensely dense and heavy. This makes Leadwood the only wood species that actually sink when thrown into the water! Its immaculate hardiness makes it the material of choice for railway sleepers around the world. Although this wood slab is hard to work with, it is considered a prized material by woodworkers looking to make high-end furniture and ornamental work.


Leadwood’s immense density makes it a very durable piece of wood. It does not scratch or dents easily. This makes it a good choice for young families who are afraid that their prized table may get damaged by their mischievous little ones.

Leadwood’s hardiness also makes it impermeable to insects. Termites and other wood-dwelling bugs are no match for this highly dense timber. This attribute makes Leadwood great for homeowners that are concerned about insect infestations on their wooden furniture. This is especially so for those who live near forested areas such as reservoirs.

Color & Appearance

Leadwood_Solid Wood Dining Table

Leadwood has a rich dark brown appearance that darkens with age. This contrasts perfectly with its clearly demarcated sapwood that is pale yellow. The dark tone of the timber gives it a type of elegance that suits homes that have a monochromatic palette. It can also work well with homes that have earthy tone colours such as light brown, white or grey.

Leadwood’s grains are straight most of the time, but having irregular grains and knots are not uncommon too. As compared to lighter coloured wood species such as Oak or Ashwood, grains on Leadwood tend to look a little muted due to its darker tone. This contributes to its elegant look and is a great choice for homeowners who prefer grains that look less apparent and seamless.


Like all of our wood slabs, Leadwood is coated with a Rubio Monocoat finish. The Rubio Monocoat oil is engineered in such a way that it protects both the surface and core of the wood, giving it good protection against water and making it highly scratch-resistant.  Simply clean the surface with a slightly damp lint-free cloth regularly for dusting. As wood is a natural material, it can be sensitive to temperature. As such, using coasters and placemats when serving food or drinks is strongly encouraged. For detailed care instructions with the Rubio Monocoat, click here.

In Conclusion…

Everyone wants a dining table that is sturdy, reliable, and lasts for decades. In that regard, Leadwood ticks all the right boxes. Its hardiness against scratches and insects makes it a good addition to any home. Furthermore, its elegant dark brown tone and grains ensure that your dining table will be a definite statement piece.

If you want to know more about this gem of nature as well as other wood slabs, do drop by our showroom and have a chat with us. We would love to share our knowledge on wood slabs with you.