Which Wood Slab Is Right For You?

Which Wood Slab Is Right For You?

Wood slabs are perfect for table tops. They are sturdy, reliable and can last for decades if taken proper care. However, choosing the right wood slab for your table isn’t always the easiest task.

There are many factors to consider such as the cut of the wood, length, width, and so on. But what leaves most homeowners stumped is selecting the right type of wood. That’s because there's a wide array of wood species to choose from, each with its own unique look.

So which then is the right wood slab for you? Let's find out!

African Sapele


Origin: Tropical Africa

African Sapele is one of the larger tree species from Africa. This beautiful timber can grow to immense heights of over 180 feet. With often little to no branching beyond 80 feet, Sapele wood slabs tend to have straight parallel grains. This timber is also popular for its copper-red iridescent hues!

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

African Sapele wood slabs are great for large families as these pieces tend to be lengthy. The wood is also quite sturdy and fairly resistant to scratches making it great for families with young children. The copper-red hue of African Sapele complements well with homes that have warm colour tones.



Origin: Europe & Africa

Olive wood is well known for its consistent grains, texture, and hardiness. These properties make Olive wood a popular choice with many furniture makers today. Olive wood also has great historical significance. Many artifacts from the Ancient Rome & Greek eras were made from this wood! This timber is known for its striking yellowish-orange appearance.

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

The color tone of Olive wood is great for homes that have a Scandinavian or Japanese aesthetic. Moreover, the light tone of this timber makes its grains and wood features a lot more apparent so it’s perfect for rustic wood lovers. The history behind this wood slab also adds another wrinkle of character for homeowners looking for a table with a story.

African Padauk


Origin: Africa

African Padauk is known for its striking red appearance which will darken over time due to UV rays. This timber is so durable that it was often used to make furniture for royal families in the past.

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

African Padauk is great for those who are looking for a statement piece. Its unique red tone will definitely stand out in any home. This is suitable for homeowners who want a unique wood slab piece but are not fans of wild, intricate wood grains.



Origin: North America

Oak is a very popular wood choice for many furniture makers due to its durability. This timber is also known for its resistance to moisture and its density. Oak has a light brown tone and deep grains.

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

Oak is good for homeowners going for a Scandinavian “Ikea” look. Oak’s resistance to moisture makes it great for the tropical climate in Singapore too. As Oak is very durable and resistant to dings and dents, it is great for young families with children.

American Black Walnut


Origin: North America

In recent years, American Black Walnut has become a popular choice for dining tables due to its live edges and intricate wood grains. Furthermore, this timber has good shock resistance and is moderately dense which makes it ideal for furniture. American Black Walnut is known for its rich dark brown tone.

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

American Black Walnut is great for those looking for a rustic live edge table. Its dark brown appearance is versatile, making it suitable for homes with a dark or light color tone. As with most hardwood mentioned in this article, the Black Walnut is durable enough for the daily grinds of a dining table.

Purple Heart

Origin: Central & South America

As the name suggests, Purpleheart has a unique purple hue to its appearance. This is due to UV radiation that comes from exposure to the sun. Purpleheart is also resistant to decay and to insect attacks.

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

Purpleheart is ideal for homeowners who want a pop of colour. Its resistance to insects and decay makes it a great option for homeowners living near reservoirs and forested areas.


Origin: South Africa

Leadwood is known for its immense weight and density. This wood slab has an extremely dark appearance that contrasts nicely with its sapwood's lighter brown shade. The high density of this timber makes it difficult to plane or cut compared to other wood species.

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

The dark appearance of Leadwood makes it ideal for homes with a monochromatic colour palette. Homeowners looking for an elegant-looking wood slab can also consider Leadwood as the wood grains are more muted as compared to other wood species.


Origin: North America

Ashwood has a pale yellow almost whitish appearance with lightly contrasting sapwood. Like the American Black Walnut, Ashwood is also famed for its shock resistance, making it ideal for tables, flooring, and floor handles.

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

Like Oak, Ashwood is great for homes looking to build on the Scandinavian or Japanese aesthetic due to its pale appearance. Ashwood also has good stain absorbency which is ideal for homeowners who would like to manipulate the appearance of their wood slab tables.


Origin: Asia & Oceania

Bintango is known for its reddish-brown appearance. Its beautiful grains makes it a popular choice for high-class furniture, veneer-based products, and flooring.

Why Buy This Wood Slab?

The reddish tone of Bintango is complementary to homes with a warm colour palette. It’s also great for homeowners looking for a sentimental piece that is “closer to home” due to its Asian origins.

Where Can I Find These Wood Slabs?

At Grey & Sanders, we are home to all of the wood slabs that were mentioned in this article! Come on down to our showrooms and we’ll help you pick out the best wood type that matches your needs.