Don’t buy a wood slab till you’ve read this!

Don't Buy A Wood Slab Till You've Read This!

Wood slabs are coming back in style!

Many homeowners have fallen head over heels for beautiful wood slab furniture in recent years. And who can blame them? The idea of having a piece of nature right in your home is definitely appealing.

What’s more, these wood slabs have their own unique look and feel, making it all the more special for homeowners looking for the ultimate statement piece.

But before we deep dive into the world of timber, let's take baby steps into understanding what exactly wood slabs are!

What are Wood Slabs?

Everyone has their own definition of what a wood slab is. Some classify anything wooden as wood slabs such as laminates and veneer. However at Grey & Sanders, we do not label every cookie cutter furniture with this term.

So here’s how we define them:

A flat piece of wood that is unique and displays organic character such as unique grains, texture etc.

In essence, wood slabs are simply pure solid pieces from a tree, complete with its natural imperfections and character.

Why are Wood Slabs Expensive?

Sanding an American Black Walnut

If you’ve walked into retail stores selling wood slabs, you will notice the steep prices these gems of nature command. No, we are not trying to be one of those nightmare Carousell furniture scalpers.

The price of wood slabs is a product of the various costs and demands that are associated with the woodworking industry such as the drying, sanding and cutting processes.

Are Wood Slabs Ideal for Dining Table Tops?

Wood slabs are a great blend of form and function making it perfect for a dining table.

The look and feel of a wood slab is truly one of a kind and almost impossible to replicate. Wood ripples, notches and grains create a phenomenal aesthetic that will stand out in any home!

American Walnut Dining Table

The next time you have dinner table conversations, don’t be surprised if it’s about the dinner table itself!

Wood slabs are extremely durable and age gracefully too. The scratches and cuts they accumulate over time would blend in with the rustic look of the table, adding a new layer of character. You definitely can’t say the same for a fragile glass or marble table!

With proper maintenance, wood slab tables are a generational investment that will last a lifetime.

What are the Best Wood Slabs for Making Tables?

Hardwood are generally great for making tables as they are sturdy and durable. However at the end, the choice of wood slab ultimately boils down to your taste and style. There is an array of wood types that are perfect for making tables:

I am Ready for Wood Slabs! Where can I Find Them?

Wood slabs in a rack

You are now all set to deep dive into the world of timber. At Grey & Sanders we have over 200 solid wood slabs to choose from, you will definitely find the perfect piece to bring home.

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