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Planning Your Dining Area (Updated 2021)

Planning Your Dining Area (Updated 2021)

The dining area is an integral part of your home. It's more than just a space. It's where you create special memories like reunion dinners, festive meals, or just catching up with your loved ones over a warm meal. So it's crucial that your dining space is well planned for those everyday moments.

Be Aware of Your Available Space

Dining Area Space

Space is pivotal in setting up your dining area. Overestimate it and you'll have a jam-packed dining room that isn't ideal for gatherings. At the same time, underestimating your available space will leave you having a dining set up that looks bare and uninviting. A quick tip is to leave a space of at least 90cm between your table and your walls so that there is ample space for movement.

Selecting Your Dining Table

It's time to finally have a think about the centerpiece of your dining room! This is a tricky one as there are many factors to consider when you're making a decision for your dining table. Let us break it down for you:



A general rule of thumb is to really consider the type of lifestyle you live and find the most practical option for that. For example, if you often have guests over for dinner, then it is good to get a 1.8m - 2m table that comfortably seats 8 people around the table. Or if you have young children who have a knack for spilling and making a mess at the dining room, perhaps getting an easy-to-maintain table top would be the best option. This would include solid wood or laminate dining tables. Don't worry if you're clueless about these details. The friendly staff at our showrooms will guide you through!

Chairs? Benches? Or Both?

Dining table with bench and chairs

Now that we got our dining table sorted, it's time to plan your seating area. Dining chairs are a classic option if you have plenty of space for individual seating. Think about the design and colour of your chairs.

Do you want high back chairs like our Claire for ergonomic comfort during long dinners? Or perhaps a simple modern design like our versatile Edith? For the colour of your chair, it's always best to complement it with the color tone of your table. For example if you're going for an American Black Walnut dining table, then a darker brown tone dining chair would be ideal.

If you're looking for a more cosy, space-saving option, then a bench would be a great choice. Not only does it add a rustic look to your dining area, but you'll also be able to squeeze in a couple more guests too!

Choose Your Tableware

dining cutlery

Your perfect dining room is almost complete! Now it's time to think about what goes on your table. It's good to think about what tableware matches the style you are going for! Wood-based cutleries are great for a rustic look or you can amp up the classiness with Bone China tableware!

Your Dining Area is Ready!

There isn't a perfect system for setting up your dining area. It essentially boils down to what fits your lifestyle choices. So just get creative and have fun with it!

If you want more tips on setting up your dining area, do drop by our showrooms and have a chat with us!