Planning Your Dining Area

Dining furniture is definitely an integral part of your home. They are more than just tables and chairs; it is where you catch up with your love ones over a meal. Imagine walking into a home where everything is spaced perfectly – you don’t have to squeeze behind a chair or make a big round just to reach to your kitchen. Nowadays, it is much tougher to do that due to smaller living space.

The trick? Properly plan your space! This article aims to help you plan the perfect dining area that combines functionality with aesthetics.

1. Space Available

Guide To Plan Your Space Within An Enclosed Area

A general guide that we have is to leave a minimum of 90 cm in between your table to any furniture or walls to allow comfortable moving space.

2. Orientation

Orientation of the dining tables and chairs can be customised according to the space available and the aesthetics that you wish to achieve. Definitely, different orientation comes with different advantages.

Different Orientation Set Up For Dining Table 

Shuffle one end of the table against the wall saves space for other furniture.

Shuffle one side of the table against the wall saves the most space and you can consider using a bench in this set up which we will cover more below.

Position the table in the center of the area allows everyone to have ample space and visually, the dining area will look perfectly, evenly spaced 

Properly position your table and furniture and you will have a beautiful area that has its functions maximised.

3. Table Size

The next factor to consider when deciding on the size of your dining table is the number of people that will be using it. You should consider the expected number of people for both regular use, and for gatherings if size permits.

Recommended Minimum Table Size:

4 pax: 120cm x 80cm

4 pax: 120cm x 80cm

6 pax: 160cm x 80cm

6-8 pax: 180cm x 90cm

8 pax: 200cm x 90cm

In general, cater for 60cm width per chair for a comfortable seat, or 70cm if armchairs are used. These measurements will ensure that your family and guests can dine comfortably.

4. Dining Chairs or Bench

If you choose to use dining chairs, do ensure that there is at least 90 cm from the dining table to any wall or furniture for guests to move behind a pulled-out chair with a breeze. Remember to also cater a width of 60cm for each adjacent chair. If you want to save some space, consider placing a bench against the wall and leave a space of 45cm. Having a bench also allows more people to sit together for a cozy gathering.

Dining Chair VS. Bench 

Chairs: 90 CM This distance will allow chairs to slide out easily and for people to walk behind a seated guest.
Benches: 45 CM Save space by placing a bench against the wall. Guests can simply slide in to enjoy a heartwarming meal.

In Conclusion...

There are indeed many factors that will affect the set up of a dining area and there is no one size fits all. We hope that after reading this article, you have a better idea of where and how you will place your dining table to achieve both functionality and pleasing aesthetics.

If you are still unsure, do drop by at our showroom and talk to us!