1. American Black Walnut – The Best for Dining Tables? (Updated 2021)

    American Black Walnut Dining Table furniture

    American Black Walnut – The Best Wood for Dining Tables? (Updated 2021)

    It’s time to take another trip into the world of solid wood slabs once again. When it comes to solid wood dining tables, many customers are often spoiled for choice as there is an array of wood types to choose from, each with its own unique look. There is the dark, sleek looking Leadwood , the golden brown “King of Hardwoods” Teak and many more. However today, we'll look at one of the most popular wood choices among homeowners - The American Black Walnut.

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  2. Four New Exciting Collections

    Four New Exciting Collections

    We are very happy to announce the release of our new collection; the Ohio, Cubus, Fred and Montana! Four amazing series featuring new arrivals of TV consoles, coffee tables and more. Constructed from acacia or solid aged oak wood, each series is crafted specifically to suit your needs!

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  3. Featured Homes - Black, White, Brown, and a Dog.

    Featured Homes - Black, White, Brown, and a Dog.

    Our customer Graham purchased a Zebrawood dining slab and paired it with the Xavier legs. His theme was primarily black, white and wood-brown.

    We didn't think that it was a good palette combination at first because, but the results were great: a clean, simple and confident feel.

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