Bintangor - This Underrated Wood Slab Is Your Next Dining Table

Bintangor - This Underrated Wood Slab Is Your Next Dining Table

In our past articles, we had deep dived and analysed the best wood slabs that would make great dining tables. We had also highlighted a few wood types that would be a good fit for any home such as the sturdy Leadwood and more recently, the “King of Hardwoods” Teak. Today, we will be looking at another intriguing wood species - Bintangor.

Among popular wood species such as American Black Walnut and Oak, Bintangor wood is perhaps lesser known when it comes to furniture making. However this underrated wood has all the qualities and the look to be a statement piece dining table in any home. Let’s find out why!


Bintangor Trees

Bintangor trees are commonly found across the Causeway in Sarawak, Malaysia. This timber can grow up to heights of 30m with trunk diameters that are about 60cm. Its immense size is great for homeowners looking for a large and wide dining table for their big families.

The Bintangor tree is also popular among indigenous people as it is known to have medicinal properties that can heal a variety of ailments such as the common cold.

In terms of the woodworking industry, Bintangor is quite a popular choice for heavy carpentry work such as shipbuilding or making of high-class furniture due to its attractive colour tone as well as its shock resistance.


In terms of durability, Bintangor wood is known for having immense hardness and sturdiness. Its density level is often compared to other wood species such as Teak which is known to be extremely hardy as a solid wood dining table. Bintangor’s high density also means that it has moderate shock resistance, making it slightly more resistant to the dents and cracks that may occur from everyday use. This timber also has good resistance against fungal and termite attacks as well.

As such, with its high density and protective qualities against insects or fungal attacks, the Bintangor wood would make a great choice of material for a solid wood dining table.

Colour & Appearance

Bintangor wood has a lustrous reddish-brown to pink-brown appearance. This colour tone is versatile and provides a warm tone to any dining interior. At times, the texture of the wood creates an iridescent hue giving Bintangor an extra dimension of shine that is sure to make it stand out in any home. In terms of wood grains, this timber tends to have linear wavy grains that run parallel to one another. This creates a neat minimal look for homeowners who want a solid wood table that has a consistent look to it.


Rubio Monocoat

Like all of our wood slabs, Bintangor is coated with a Rubio Monocoat finish. The Rubio Monocoat oil is engineered in such a way that it protects both the surface and core of the wood, giving it good protection against water and making it highly scratch-resistant.  Simply clean the surface with a slightly damp lint-free cloth regularly for dusting. As wood is a natural material, it can be sensitive to temperature. As such, using coasters and placemats when serving food or drinks is strongly encouraged. For detailed care instructions with the Rubio Monocoat, click here.

In Conclusion…

Bintangor wood is an underrated wood species that combines beauty and quality. With its larger-than-life stature and lustrous appearance, this wood slab will bring life to any dining space. Furthermore, its overall durability ensures that a Bintangor dining table is one that will last for ages.

If you’re interested in checking out this wood slab, please head down to our showrooms today. We’d love to share our knowledge on wood slabs with you.