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This Exotic Wood Slab Will Make a Great Dining Table!

This Exotic Purple Wood Slab Will Make a Great Dining Table!

In our past few articles, we have talked extensively about wood slabs and why they make great dining tables. We had also highlighted a few wood types that would be a good fit for any home such as the historic Olive wood, the sturdy Leadwood and the royally famous African Padauk wood. In that same vein, we’ll be shining the spotlight now on one of the most exotic wood species of them all - Purple Heart!

This timber has a striking look to it with its purple hue and beautiful wood grains. However, the Purple Heart wood slab isn’t just known for its unique look. It is also a popular choice for dining tables because of its durability and sturdiness. So let’s deep dive and find out more about Purple Heart!


Purple Heart Tree

Purple Heart trees are commonly found in Central and South America. These trees can grow to staggering heights of 30 to 45 metres. These trees also tend to have large girths of over 1.2 metres as well. As a result of these large dimensions, Purple Heart wood slabs are ideal for large families who want a bigger solid wood dining table.

Purple Heart Serving Board

Purple Heart wood slabs are prized by woodworkers as they are one of the sturdiest wood slabs available. As such, they are typically used in making a range of large wooden furniture, boatbuilding as well as construction materials. In recent times, its unique purple hue has caught the attention of artisanal wood craftsmen who use it to make small speciality wood items such as serving boards.


One of the most common indicators of durability in the industry is the Janka scale which ranges from 0 to 4,000. A ranking of 0 means the lumber is very soft and not suitable for dining table usage. A ranking of 4,000 means that the lumber is extremely hard and difficult to mill. Purple Heart wood has a hardness rating of 2,520, placing it in the acceptable range for a dining table.

This timber’s strength and durability also make it resistant to insect infestations such as dry-wood termites attacks. The natural oils and properties of Purple Heart also ensure that it is well protected against attack by decay fungi and other fungal infestations. These qualities make it a good choice for homeowners given the tropical and humid environment that we have in sunny Singapore!

Colour & Appearance

Purple Heart Grains

Purple Heart wood slabs have a unique dark purple hue. Interestingly, this isn’t the original colour tone of this timber when it is first cut. In the initial stages, Purple Heart wood slabs have a dull greyish-brown tone. However, upon exposure to UV light, the wood becomes a deeper eggplant purple. With more time and exposure to UV light, the colour tone of Purple Heart wood slabs will continue to change - turning dark brown with a hint of purple. Mother Nature is truly an artist!

Purple Heart would be a statement piece in any home because of its striking colour tone. This is suitable for homeowners who want a centrepiece that stands out from the muted colour palette of their homes.

In terms of wood grains, Purple Heart wood slabs tend to have consistent straight or wavy wood grains as they do not have many young twisted branches. Thus, what you get is a very neat wood slab that has relatively simple-looking grains that don’t take the shine away from its eye-catching purple hue.


Rubio Monocoat

Like all of our wood slabs, Purple Heart is coated with a Rubio Monocoat finish. The Rubio Monocoat oil is engineered in such a way that it protects both the surface and core of the wood, giving it good protection against water and making it highly scratch-resistant.  Simply clean the surface with a slightly damp lint-free cloth regularly for dusting. As wood is a natural material, they can be sensitive to temperature. As such, using coasters and placemats when serving food or drinks is strongly encouraged. For detailed care instructions with the Rubio Monocoat, click here.

In Conclusion…

Purple Heart is the best blend of style and substance. It has an eye-catching appearance that is sure to be a conversation starter. It also has the sturdiness and durability homeowners seek in a solid wood dining table. In that regard, a Purple Heart dining table ticks all the right boxes.

If you’re interested in checking out this exotic wood slab, we have some good news for you! We have several Purple Heart wood slabs available for purchase in our showrooms. Do drop by and have a chat with us. We’d love to share our knowledge on wood slabs with you.